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Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Tip Shopping

Why is it when things are going badly, they only get worse? Today I went to Coles in Manuka to do the grocery shopping and upon returning to my car, some idiot had scratched the whole side of it and driven off. Just what I needed, this really makes my weekend.

In more positive news, I said in a previous post that I'd be uploading photos of items in my wardrobe to sell - and I finally did it. Check out 'WEAR MY WARDROBE' for pics and prices. I have added some descriptions, but otherwise if you are interested in anything please email me and ask questions. Postage is extra - cost price for a 500g or 3kg satchel and registered postage if you'd like.

Since it is Sunday, the original intention of this post was to share my recent op shopping experiences and link up with Sophie. After my experience at the Mugga Lane Tip, I decided to visit the Mitchell Tip so that I had experienced the whole gamut of Canberra tips or "resource management centres".

The Mitchell tip shop is much better organised and tidier than the Mugga Lane one. It also seemed a bit smaller, but maybe I was imagining it.  Unfortunately I didn't find an exercise bike, which is the main reason I visited, but it was still a fun experience.

 Outside at the Mitchell tip - plenty of rusty bikes

 Sofas galore

 These would make great planters - I would buy these if I planned to stay in Canberra for any decent period of time. They're still for the taking!

 Corner cabinet - another nice piece.

Vintage wooden toy truck, would look great as a planter too! I can picture it with lots of colourful flowers :-)

I found a few books to read for $1 a piece, and apart from that managed to resist buying. The tip shops are DIY heaven - there are plenty of things like old window frames, building materials, lots of furniture... there are also things like bird aviaries, aquariums, kids toys, plenty of CRUTCHES if you break a leg (LOL... I paid $40 for mine from the hospital!), books, kitchenware and bric a brac. 

Nothing is priced, you can either ask a staff member how much something costs (for large items) or take it to the counter (smaller items). From what I saw, things seemed to be really cheap. Best of all, proceeds go to charity like any other op shop.


  1. I've lived in Canberra for 10+ years and never knew of this place! Sorry to hear about your car. Some people are low. Hope your weekend got better.

  2. Hmmm I really need to check out the tip shops more I think.

  3. So sorry about your car. The front wall of our newly painted house was graffited last year I can't repeat here what I said when I saw it, and I probably don't need to, but I know how you feel x

  4. Oh, that little truck is so cute! I think you are right, flowers planted in the back would be precious on the porch for spring. That's a great idea. :)

  5. Stupid loser, scratching your car! They'll get theirs back, don't worry.
    I'll have to get out to the tip I think, I really want to start a herb garden this year and those little grey wheelbarrow thingies would be perfect!

  6. Help support & promote Aussie Tip Shops...


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