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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas between $1 and $9 (and then I get distracted by news)

I just wanted to post this great resource for people (like me) who need to buy a $10 secret santa / kris kringle gift.

Lasoo has a catalogue compilation of product specials between $0-$9, over here. Some great gift ideas.

Every year I also attach some little treats to my Christmas cards (not ones I post obviously). This year I think I'm going to go with these cute candy cane / jelly Christmas tree hanging ornaments:

$3 for 6 from Go-Lo

I actually have a confession to make... I have never set foot inside a Go-Lo store. However, looking at the catalogue I think I need to trek out to Queanbeyan to my closest store, as there are some cracking deals.

Anyone remember Regent Street? They used to be available at mainstream supermarkets and then they stopped being sold in Australia except at UK candy stores. They are my Grandpa's favourite "cheaper" chocolate, so I'll have to stock up:
$10 for 550g at Go-Lo

At $10, don't tell me these garden friends solar lights aren't a great gift idea for kids (or kids at heart):

I have actually already bought my secret santa 1/2 of her present - this summer scarf, reduced to $5 at Katies:
How far are you into your preparations? If you haven't gotten very far,

Ohhh yes, I certainly buy into all this consumerism nonsense. I am probably the sole reason that the Australian economy is doing so well.

Talking about the economy, Julia Gillard is definitely smiling. She has been given a ray rise of 90k, taking her salary to $470k. Keeping in mind she has no living expenses (hello allowances), and a very generous retirement package, that's a sweet deal. On the other hand, as Prime Minister you probably have no life, and I'm not sure any money could compensate you for that.

Anyway, this recent pay rise is causing furor because it's not part of any democratic process, and Ms G is paid more than either US President Barack Obama or British PM David Cameron. It has also all come about in a climate where the Government is madly debating the budget and making cuts to deliver a measly surplus (mainly for political reasons) which includes making public servants take pay cuts / redundancies and not giving the pay rises that various sectors are asking for and deserve.

Thank goodness for political cartoons, to lighten the mood and to put politics into perspective. This one is from the Herald Sun:

Do I feel strongly about how our PM is renumerated? Not particularly. I'd rather be paid less NOT to be a pollie... or if I was to put up with the stuff they do, paid more in the private sector. Their wages are also pretty measly in the scheme of the budget cuts that are being made... but the juxtaposition of rising pollie wages and stagnant or falling wages for police/nurses/teachers/whatever certainly pulls at the heartstrings, and makes an excellent media piece.


  1. Maybe I am just old and bitter - but in a time when nurses, police and teachers are struggling to be paid what they are worth, I just can't be happy with the pay rise. Especially when they leave it up to politicians to decide how much they pay themselves. Just disappointing.

    OMG GoLo! I didn't even know they still existed any more. But if it was going to be anywhere it doesn't surprise me that it is in Queanbeyan (did I ever mention that I lived there when I was younger?). Those lights are super cute and you are right...the girls would LOVE them!

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