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Thursday, October 13, 2011

You gotta get you a... 'Stache

I have decided to make 'You gotta get you a' a regular feature of my blog. Whenever I come across weird / unusual / funny / useless products, I will post for your enjoyment :-)

You gotta get you a Bikestache:
"You and your bike are one, united in the belief that you own the road. Want to up your righteous together-itude? Well, only one thing can help, the most dominant force in the universe: the mustache. So complete the transformation from man into machine with the Bikestache."

You gotta get you a Carstache:
"Carstache: The Global Leader in Automotive Facial Hair"

You gotta get you a Carlashes:

If carlashes aren't enough, you can also buy crystal eyeliner (above). Flutter your carlashes and turn heads...

You gotta get you a Babystache:

Source: Alexander Crispin (from his Babystaches photography series)

Source: Readymade - includes a DIY mustache pacifier guide ... must see
"Before owning the pacifier this baby was nothing but a bag of tears and drool. Now he wrestles bears, runs a multi-million dollar company and is a hit with the ladies. He still loves pacifiers though."

1 comment:

  1. WOW if I had a car or a bike I would totally decking it out with these for laughs. They would probably get stolen though!


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