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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Amazing Op Shop Haul: A Nicer End to a Not Nice Week

It has been a particularly challenging week. I have completely lacked motivation to do anything, I have had constant headaches (hormone related, happens when I go off the pill), my Grandma has fallen ill and we have been on a roller coaster ride - preparing for the funeral, and then she suddenly her condition stabilises, and so on.  I have totally fallen off the diet bandwagon, having binged all week on chocolate, lollies and greasy foods. I have another naughty night planned on Saturday, but apart from that the plan is to start eating healthily again, and get motivated to at least go for some long walks (since the jogging thing has not happened).

It's a long weekend and no matter how much I try to be positive, I wish I was leaving Canberra and 'going home' like almost everyone else here that I know. A holiday to somewhere tropical where I could lie in the sun, have massages and sip on cocktails would also be welcome!

I woke up this morning with a headache and I didn't want to move, but I forced myself out of bed and geared up for a day of op shopping. I'm so glad I did, because I got some fabulous buys, and I am feeling a lot happier now :-)

Firstly, a photo of the amazing haul:

The first stop was the 'Little Salvos' in Queanbeyan. I noticed a lot of stuff that was there when I visited last month, especially crockery. There wasn't much new stock unfortunately, but I did manage to find this lovely Witchery blouse. It looks like a knit but is actually a 55% silk, 45% cotton mix and it feels divine. It cost $5:

Next stop was 'Big Salvos'. They had some super cute vintage sheets, so if anyone lives nearby and collects these, at $1.50 a pop they're a bargain. I don't collect vintage sheets so left them for the taking! Again I found nothing much, the crockery was overpriced... I only found this non vintage high waisted skirt by Brown Sugar, perfect condition and with a lovely shimmer, for $7:

 Oh, and a retro mug for 50c (the one on the right):

Just when I was beginning to despair about the day's luck, I hit the jackpot at Anglicare. It was a little annoying because as I left, I realised that there was 30% off all retro stock, although they didn't apply this discount for me! I would have saved about $5, but oh well. Anyway, this retro blouse which cost $8 is new with tags, 'Made in Australia' and missing a button on one of the sleeves but otherwise fabulous:

These leather wedges are in almost new condition. They are "MG" brand, and cost $10:

Then these vintage gems, which were $6... They are in better condition than the photo suggests (as the flash makes the stains look worse than they are), 100% leather and do not need re-heeling or re-soling which is always a bonus:

My final Queanbeyan stop was Lifeline, where they had 50% off skirts. I found this retro midi number which came down to $3. I am not sure whether I'll shorten it, as this length of skirt is 'in' this season:

Feeling energised, I headed into Kingston for some final thrifting. The first stop was Y's Buys. It was fast turning into a lucky shoe day, these ones are brand new and cost $7:

And blouse by Basque city, $3. It has bright gold buttons which I love. This looked fantastic over the 3/4 sleeve maroon/red shirt I was wearing, with jeans and white brogues:

And finally for $3, I could not resist this bag. I generally don't like any bags that have faux leather, but this is only really the trims and it's cute for summer. The clasps are labelled 'White House Black Market' which I had not heard of before, and a google search revealed is a US brand with over 600 boutiques:

My final stop for the day was the Salvos in Fyshwick. This funky jacket/tunic/top by George was $5. I love the print:

 I was waiting and waiting in line for the change rooms but a whole family was in front of me with armfulls of clothing each. I eventually got frustrated after 10 minutes had passed and only one family member had finished, so I went to the shoe section which has a mirror and decided to just try things on over my clothes. This ended up being a good move, because I found these Lipstick heels which were tucked away behind other shoes... they cost $6 and are SO comfortable:

And then onto crockery, this cute chubby girl mug says 'Japan' on it, and was 50c:

These large soup mugs were 50c each. They say 'Stonecrest Autumn Glory 307 Korea' on the underside:

And that sums up a super duper successful and enjoyable day. The grand total spend was higher than usual at $69 (Woah, small amounts really add up!) but I love my haul :-)

Sweet Serendipity


  1. Wow you gotta a lot! I especially like those vintage black shoes, I never find any in my size.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Catching up very late on my blog reader list! Hope you're feeling better, and I hope your Grandma is on the mend too?
    I'm loving your op shop posts, especially because I'm a Canberra girl, but mainly I just like peeking at other's purchases :) I think I'll have to check out that Y store in Kingston, I think I know the one, across from Green Square right? Those white shoes are just divine!

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