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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brunch Review: Urban Pantry

Last weekend I had brunch at Urban Pantry in Manuka. I had heard a lot about the great food here and the not-so-great service (because apparently they're "so popular" that they "don't care about service") so I was intrigued, and looking forward to checking it out.

English Kedgeree w/ spiced jasmine, poached salmon, cherry tomatoes, topped w/ poached eggs, on toasted rye - $19

Omelette w/ prosciutto, capsicum, olives, vintage cheddar & rocket, served w/ chilli jam & toast - $18

The Scoring

Menu variety / creativity: 6/10. While there were a few creative options (we chose just about the only two), I would have liked more variety and a more inspiring sweet option.

Taste: 6/10. The English kedegree was tasty, but not taste bud popping spectacular. It was a little oily, and I don't think the rice went well with stodgy rye.

Coffee: 6/10. Mine was more warm than hot and the taste wasn't spectacular.

Setting / location: 9/10. Lovely decor inside, and if you sit outside (as we did), it's warm and dry if the weather is wet (with plastic sheeting and outdoor heaters) or sunny and fresh if the weather is fine (as it was on our visit!).

Service: 6.5/10. Staff were disorganised and kept bringing us the wrong items, asking if they belonged to our table. We always had to attract someone's attention to get our orders taken but there were plenty of staff around. Not particularly friendly or smiley service, but not rude either. No mistakes with our orders, and they came out together and quickly.

Final score: 33.5/50 = 67%

Verdict: I'd like to return to sample the lunch or dinner menu, but I probably wouldn't return for brunch.

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