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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Floriade Nightfest 2011

Last Saturday night I went with a group of friends to Nightfest- Floriade's ticketed nighttime event. If you want to know more about Floriade, or see my daytime photos, see this post.

We were so lucky with the weather - of the 5 nights that Nightfest was on, Saturday was the only night that it didn't rain! Very unfortunate for people who had bought tickets for another night, as it is mainly an outdoor event and I imagine the paths would get muddy in the rain, which would be unpleasant.

I had such a lovely night. We started off by going to the Garnier tent, which always has a long queue but is worth the wait because of their famous Floriade giftbags. They're free, and more than cover your entry fee! Mine contained:
That's right-  4 full sized products and a mini deodorant (+ some samples)!!!

We spent the night exploring the flowers and light shows. Some of my favourite photos follow.

The other highlight of the night was walking around and trying lots of delicious samples of various foods. As usual, I found something delicious to buy- this time some jams (by alpine berry farm):

And I really want one of these portable massage cushions now, although they are super expensive and there's no way I can justify paying near the rrp, which is $540:
Casada Maxiwell II

I have tried various massagers before I have never enjoyed them- vibrations annoy me and I don't find them particularly relaxing. This one doesn't have to vibrate, it has 4 balls in it which replicate a human massage... it actually hit my trigger points and loosened up my sore shoulders and upper back, which is amazing for a cushion. I will recommend this to my Dad though - he has chronic back pain, and that definitely justifies the cost. Oh and... I saw that in the US, in November 2010 this model was on sale for $159! It had already been superseded back then, while we're still on version II in Oz. Deary me.


  1. Score on the garnier products! The flowers look lovely under the lights at night.

  2. Those photos are beautiful! Did you take them yourself?


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