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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Asos Midseason Sale: My Picks Under $35

TFNC Tropical Print Draped One Shoulder Dress $74.36 -NOW $24.79

ASOS Midi Dress in Colour Block $90.89- NOW $26.44

Motel Big Lily Celeste Sleeveless Shirt Dress $69.41- NOW $29.75

ASOS Floral Pleated Blouse $49.58 - NOW $24.79

ASOS Hooded Jacket with Open Back $57.84- NOW $28.92

ASOS Floral Printed Tie Neck Blouse $49.58 -NOW $24.79

ASOS Chiffon Maxi Dress with Lace Detailing in Floral Print $82.63- NOW $33.05

Oasis Amber toecap ballet flat $57.84 - NOW $34.70

ASOS Pussy Bow Dress with Spot Collar $66.10 -NOW $36.35 [Almost under $35 ;)]

Wal G Striped Top RRP $33.05 - NOW $23.14
Ella Doran Tiny Photographic Flower Umbrella RRP $33.05 - NOW $19.83

Nishe Printed Frill Side Floral Shorts $62.80 - NOW $18.18

ASOS Stretch Lace Headband With Pastel Flowers $13.22 - NOW $4.96

Picks from the whole sale range (with no budget constraints) to come soon :)


  1. And I thought I was a shopping addict! I do like those floral frilled shorts.

  2. Lol just window shopping, im not physically purchasing anything ;)

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