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Monday, October 03, 2011

Leaking Lunches - In Search of the Leak Proof Soup Container

I often have little ‘accidents’ when I try to take homemade soups to work. Those “airtight” containers that you buy at Coles or Woolies are pretty much useless. Recently, while aimlessly browsing online, I came across this “lunch pot” by Black + Blum:
The RRP in Australia is $40, and in America it is $22. You can’t say the distance is a factor, because it’s a UK brand… hmmm. A very cute take on the tiffin box none the less, and I would have the funkiest lunch carrier in the office. I wonder whether it actually is leak proof though…
I’d be more inclined to trust Thermos, the US brand. There’s this retro, fully insulated and leakproof food jar:

But I’d be just as happy with the boring old classic:
 Another brand with good reviews is Zojirushi, which has a nice Ms.Bento Stainless Lunch Jar:
The problem is finding Zojirushi in Australia- or somewhere that will ship to Australia at a reasonable price. For the Thermos options, I’ve located a few around the $30-$35 delivered mark. For the Black + Blum product, it’s about $30 shipped from the UK (Cheaper than buying in Aus, as usual).
It seems safer to go with the trusty Thermos classic, although $35 seems an awful lot for a little soup jar… :-/ The Black + Blum number is super cute too... if only I could find some reviews!

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  1. I found this review of black + bloom nice and complete; I've ordered one on amazon, waiting for delivery.



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