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Monday, October 10, 2011

More Thrifting Adventures

Canberra op shopping is growing on me. In Perth, I am used to paying $2-$3 for a top, whereas in Canberra, you're more likely to pay $5-$8. I think I am getting used to these higher starting prices, and sometimes (for example, when Salvos has a half off sale on one of their label colours) I am able to get some cheaper items anyway. This weekend I had brunch at Urban Pantry in Manuka (review to come soon), and then decided to pop into the Kingston and Fyshwick op shops.

This hand painted scarf was $2. I don't plan to use it as a scarf, it will become part of a craft project or will perhaps be used as a table cloth over a small side table, as it looks lovely over wood (as pictured).

 This top was 50% off, so cost $2.50. Lovely and summery!

A 70's vintage dress by Dollina, for $9. 

This hand painted fairy box was $3. It is going to form part of Bub's Christmas presents- I plan to fill it with glitter, gems and little trinkets and wrap it beautifully... she'll love it.

These ceramic figurines were $1 each, to go into the box... I loved these sorts of things as a little girl, I hope I'm not out of touch and that Bub will too!

Today I went on a roadtrip to Goulburn and the op shopping was amazing... those finds are to come in another post :-)


  1. I like the pink dress! Where are these $2-$3 for tops oppies in Perth? I'm finding the chain ones more and more expensive.

  2. Hi Em, I like Good Sammy's because they have set prices - $2 for tops, $3 or $4 for blouses, $5 for knits, $6 for shoes etc. They also have 50% off sales a few times a season which make them amazingly cheap. I find the Salvo's to be the most overpriced in general, except for their 1/2 price label sales- but otherwise not worth the energy. I also have a few special local haunts which are smaller oppies that have reasonable prices- I think it depends on the volunteers who are pricing at a particular store!


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