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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Collect Teapots

Yes I do – collect teapots (and coffee pots, if I fancy them). It all started with this beauty, the cutest vintage teapot that I once picked up at an op shop:

 Found: Op shop in Perth. Cost: $8
It’s still my favourite, but I am slowly (but surely) building the collection. I don’t buy *just any* teapot. I have to love it, and I am actually pretty fussy (plus, I hardly ever have time to op shop, and I don’t like buying them at normal stores – the fun is in the chase).
My current collection includes the following:
 Tea for one- this comes apart in 3 pieces:
 Found: Op shop in Perth. Cost: $4
  Found: Op shop in Canberra. Cost: $2.50! This is my 2nd favourite find.

  Found: Garage sale in Canberra. Cost: Free - they threw it in with my purchase of a microwave when I mentioned I liked it!

  Found: Op shop in Queanbeyan. Cost: $4

 Found: Op shop in Queanbeyan. Cost: $6, including 5 cups and saucers
This gorgeous retro coffee pot is currently being used as a decorative flower holder:
 Found: Op shop in Goulburn. Cost: $5 for the coffee pot, sugar jar and 4 small mugs

What do you collect? Or are you of the group who don't like clutter or dust collecting objects?

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  1. We share a passion here. I too am addicted to teapots - not sure what it is but aren't they just so cool. I have quite a lot of blog posts about my collection. Love you to take a look. Just click on the T42 or teapot links at the side of my blog. I have started to get a little fussy on which ones I buy (mostly because I have run out of space). Hubby bought me an adorable heart teapot for my birthday last week (pics on blog). So glad I found you.

  2. What a great thing to collect. I collect mainly crockery, especially Johnson ware. x

  3. I love your teapot collection! I have half a dozen that have been given to me, or found in opshops, but I won't let myself buy any more as I don't have any space for them. My passion is hand embroidered linens, and I have a room full of them. Thanks for your comment on my birds blog - I was wondering if anyone still read it!

  4. Hi.
    I`m a collector of frogs!..but they have to be cute ,just like your teapot!:)

  5. Nice teapot collection. The frog is really cute. I especially like the retro coffee pot with cups and saucers.

  6. Im a teapot and teacup and saucer collector too! I mainly buy ones from opshops, but have a few nice new ones thaty others have bought for me. I love thinking of odd things to keep in them ways to pop them in unexpected spots in my house.

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