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Monday, May 14, 2012

Engrish and Other Funny Sights

I regret not capturing more hilarious examples of "Engrish", but the reality is that you're bombarded with so many every day, it's easier to laugh and get on with it instead of fishing around for the camera. Towards the end of my Beijing trip I realised I hadn't taken many photos, so made a concerted effort to snap a few funny signs and menu items.

 True honesty - Probably the finest seafood served in Beijing (but they cannot be sure...)

 A warm prompt (nicest on chilly days)

 All of these funny menu items are snapped at the one restaurant, but Engrish menus were a regular occurrence. My favourite is this bean salad with disabilities.

 The cake with donkey - yum?

 Watch out - smooth liver is pointed. Also on this page, explode three kinds.

 The incense burns the basin basin shrimp

 "I want to pig. I will developed"

Fake KFC - aka 'Mr Lee's'

Notice the slit in the child's pants. This was a very common sight, and allows for easy poohing anywhere and everywhere (when the child squats, the parting opens). It was particularly unpleasant to witness a child poohing in the middle of the path inside the summer palace (right infront of a temple actually...). This child's hairstyle is also a popular one amongst the toddlers.

 Another cute popular hairstyle.

 Exhibit B: another example of the pant slit

Ironically, while pooping by children in the street is still accepted, you'll then come across a sign such as this one (in Mandarin) which instructs you "No poohing" in the toilet.

Our hotel didn't have the most reliable hot water so we decided to get our hair washed at a hairdressing salon. We didn't expect them to lather and massage while we were sitting in chairs (with no sink in sight) - but it felt great! They did thankfully wash it out in a proper sink.


  1. Those photos of Engrish are priceless! But I nearly gagged at the description of the kids pooping in the streets...makes you wonder at what age do they stop doing that? Or do teens and adults do it too? Heard nothing about that while the Olympic Games were over there. I'll bet it was forbidden during that time so the tourists wouldn't take home bad images of Chinese children.

  2. That's NUTS! Don't think it'll ever catch on here!

  3. Haha! I love all the Engrish.

    Umm. And the pants split/pooping conveniently is just ewww.

  4. HAHA! I'm so glad you managed to capture these! It took me right back to Hong Kong and India! Oh my!!! Though I must say the slit in the pants is something I've not come across...yet!


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