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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funny Things Kids Do & Say

Bub's school teacher informed us that one of the boys had gotten hold of a box of tampons and was giving them out in the playground. The 3-4 year olds didn't know what they were, and were using them as pretend food in the cubby house kitchen.... :-)

Bub's friend, while examining the floor with a magnifying glass: "Wow, look what I found!"
Her Mum: "Is it an ant?"
Bub's friend: "No, it's poop!"

Bub's friend to me (while washing hands after the toilet): "If you don't use soap, you get germs. And if you put your finger into your nose, and then into your mouth, you get germs."

Bub's friend: "I have four adults living with me - my Mum, Dad, Nanna and Aupair."
Bub: "I don't need four adults living with me."

Bub (with a used bus ticket that she found on the floor): "This is my credit card. I'm going to use it to buy whatever I want in the shops"

Me (after Bub throws her cup of water on the floor while brushing her teeth): "You just lost a book privilege. You can only choose 2 books to read now instead of 3"
Bub (5 minutes later, at the bookshelf): "I have decided I only want 2 books tonight, so I have only chosen 2" (Good try...LOL)

Me: "Put your pajamas and nappy on"
Bub: "I will NOT wear a nappy. I'm going to wear a pull-up"

Bub's friend: "Who is that very strange little boy?"
Me: "That's Oliver's little brother"
Bub's friend: "Why is he here?"
Me: "Well, this is Oliver's birthday party, and we're at Oliver's house..."


  1. HILARIOUS! I'm imagining these kids trading tampons and using them as currency.
    I absolutely love the last one about 'Why is he here?!'
    Kids are so, so honest. I used to work as a Teachers Aide and the favourite thing a Prep kid ever said to me was-
    'Miss Cindy? You arent pretty like a princess, but you are really nice like my Mummy.'
    I chose to be flattered, lol.

  2. Oh boy...Bub certainly has some attitude! I bet you are going to miss her, though possibly not the attitude LOL. Hope the move is going smoothly. Oh and - yay! I can comment again :D

  3. This is so cute! I loved Bub's response regarding the books!


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