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Monday, May 07, 2012

Food Glorious Food (Beijing Style)

We had many fantastic meals, and some disappointing ones. Overall, the food was delicious and I further expanded my waistline (despite all the walking we did). I still prefer Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, but Chinese food packs a punch if you eat at the right places.

 Strange snacks at the night market - scorpians, starfish, silkworm larvae etc. No, I didn't try any. I had plain beef and chicken kebabs (which I wouldn't bother with- they weren't great)

 Peking duck, one of Beijing's specialities.

 Sweet streetside snacks

Bodyparts galore -the Chinese eat every part of the animal (and seem to enjoy it)

 Hotpot recommended by our hotel. This was disappointing, although it *looks* good.

 Delicious dumplings and noodles

This bbq'ed fish was amazing

A typical delicious spread

 The simple yet satisfying breakfast provided by our guesthouse

Sweet potato vendors selling their wares. I had a few of these and they were such a delicious snack!

Both our best, and worst meals were at places we stumbled into rather than those that were recommended to us.

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  1. Not a fan of the bug kebabs haha! But everything else looks awesome!


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