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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things I loved about Berlin

Since I am currently traveling in China, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my previous travel adventures. One of my favourite spots in Europe is Berlin, so I'll start there!

Things I loved about Berlin:
  • I stayed in Kreuzberg which is a very alternative area, with lots of street art, unique people, funky bars, cute boutiques and eateries... this definitely made the trip for me.
  • It has lots of quirky people, and anything-goes fashion. People watching is a lot of fun.
  • Vintage is huge, as is handmade fashion. I had a lot of fun at the flea market and bought some really cool things.
  • I did a graffiti tour which was fantastic. The guide showed us lots of street art, explained its origins and about the artists and rivalries. He also showed us some unusual bars/clubs/pubs and other cool spots around the city.
  • There is so much night life, and an option for every taste. I can't imagine ever getting bored, and you can start your night at 8pm or 4am, depending on your mood.
  • I did a free Berlin city tour, and our guide was very passionate and interesting. The city has a fascinating Jewish history. It has some amazing old buildings and a very interesting Holocaust memorial. I didn't expect it to be so pretty...
  • East Side Gallery (that long wall covered in famous paintings) is a lot of fun and there are some great photo opportunities.
  • While I was there, there was a sand sculpture competition on opposite the East Side Gallery and it had huge but intricate sand sculptures, which were amazing. It's called Sandsation and is hosted there annually.
  • Food is cheap and delicious. I ate the most amazing falafel I have ever tasted - it is Sudanese style from a place called Nil. You have not tried falafel until you have tasted this, have it with the cheese. Amazing. I also had a fantastic Indian meal, with cheap and delicious cocktails... and if I had done my research instead of just walking around to find a place, there are some really unique places I'd love to have tried.
  • There is so much to do - I spent about 4 nights there and it wasn't long enough. I could have filled 2 weeks. Or hey, I wouldn't mind living there!

 That famous painting...

 Mega sand sculpture #1

 Real sand sculpture #2

 Random street art - knitted bike rack cover

 More random street art. These flags appeared one day, and no one is sure why, or when they will disappear.

 Funky poses at the Wall

 Standing at the Holocaust Memorial


    1. Oh my heart belongs in Berlin, it's such an amazing place.

    2. I am going to Berlin at the end of the year so this is super helpful, thanks! Do you have links or any info about the tours you went on? A graffiti tour sounds awesome!

      1. This is the free general walking tour: http://www.newberlintours.com/

        The graffiti tour that was recommended to me was the one by http://alternativeberlin.com/berlin-graffiti-workshop-and-street-art-tour, but I missed the start time so ended up doing the "alternative city tour" by New Berlin (link above).

        You'll love it there!

    3. Jennifer, I went and did the free walking tour. It started outside starbucks at the brandenburg gate...cant remember the time though! It was fantastic, highly recommend it! I'm jealous you're going :(


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