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Monday, April 09, 2012

Holiday Weekend: Happy Easter

Easter is great for 2 reasons: the chocolate, and the super long weekend. Jesus would approve - it's a fitting way to celebrate his resurrection. My last blog post about Passover and Jewish traditions got me thinking about chocolate, eggs, and bunnies.

No one is really sure where the easter bunny came from. Easter occurs in Spring, and rabbits are symbols of fertility and new life (evoking the resurrection perhaps). Eggs are likewise a symbol of new life, and can be rolled like the rolling of the stone away from Jesus's tomb. There are various other legends which provide colourful explanations for these traditions.

There appears to be no exciting explanation for why we make eggs and bunnies out of chocolate. We don't really need an explanation though, do we? It's simple enough to me that people love chocolate, and any excuse to eat it is a good one, whether there is a logical explanation or not!

My Easter in photos:

 Easter gifts for friends
 Freshly baked homemade hot cross buns

Super easy and cute chocolate crackles with eggs and chicks - a real hit with the kids, and so little effort. My kind of contribution ;-)

Bunny cupcakes - so cute!

Our Sunday lunch was a little under-whelming. The host is known for picking very complicated recipes from cookbooks and excuting them with varied results. Unfortunately this time around she messed up both main course and dessert, and spent the whole meal apologising. I'm certainly not complaining - I'm more than happy to eat whatever is put infront of me if someone else cooks it (LOL).

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and are refreshed for work tomorrow. I still have another 2 days off in Perth with family, it's blissful!


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