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Monday, April 02, 2012

Adventures at the Hairdressers

I finally got my hair cut and coloured. I am very happy with the highlights (which are 5 shades lighter than my normal hair colour), but I wasn't 100% happy with the cut. I could have asked them to change it while I was there, but after having foils put in, sitting with them on for 45 minutes, a treatment for a further 10 minutes, having my hair washed etc, I was well and truly ready to leave. I always forget to take a good book with me to the hairdresser!

The lady who owns the hairdressing salon that I went to has 6 daughters. Five of them were at the salon, and boy was it noisy. Her eldest is doing hairdressing at Tafe, while the others are all still at school. The younger girls were all helping out by folding foil and making tea for customers. There was a lot of banter and laughing. It made me miss my family and sisters back in Perth.

The result (from the side):
 Loving the colour... :-)

Best of all, I used a Living Social voucher so it only cost $85 for a 1/2 head of foils, style cut, treatment and blowdry (for my long hair). Apparently (according to the rrp on Living Social) the whole thing would usually cost $185.

How much do you pay to get foils and a cut (and is your hair long or short)?


  1. Your hair looks beautiful Lisa. So shiny and healthy. Mine, longish, well over $200! Far too much money, but what's a girl to do...

  2. Looking good! ;)

    And how awesome are those deal sites?! Love a bargain!

  3. I really love the colour! It's always a good feeling to have a refreshed head of hair.

  4. I usually pay well over $200, actually I'm booked in for tomorrow. I used to get very annoyed at the length of time it takes to have the colour, cut etc. Now I just relax and go with it and find the whole experience very enjoyable.
    Your colour looks beautiful, really like it. xT


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