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Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Happenings and Musings

Lots has been happening in my little world.
  • This was me yesterday:

My friend bought me this homemade vintage dress from an op shop- she knows my style. It has always been too big for me but now is a lifesaver as I struggle to squeeze into much of my clothing.
  • That's right, I don't fit into most of my clothes anymore, serious exercise and healthy eating are desperately needed. I refuse to buy any bigger clothing - it could just snowball if I did that.
  • I am applying for jobs in Perth. The big move "home" is imminent, likely 2-3 months away.
  • I am checking realestate.com.au for Perth rentals and also keeping my eye on properties for sale. I need to work out a budget with various permutations dependent on my salary, keeping in mind that I might have to take a pay cut to find a job that I'll enjoy and benefit from.
  • During Easter and my Perth visit, I took home 2 massive suitcases full of stuff from Canberra. My childhood bedroom floor looked like this:
  •  Various online purchases have arrived. These shoes from Brands Exclusive are my new favourites (they fit, which is always a risk!), and I was impressed with everything in my latest Asos order too (cardi is pictured):
  • My trip to Beijing is a mere 5 days away. I am excited! There is an H&M in Beijing, and there are tailors and markets and shopping malls... *salivates*
  • Random musing: I think every bathroom needs a sign, and this one sold at Wild Gifts made me smile (although I wouldn't choose it personally, a bit crass for my household):
 As did this address book:
 Do you know many humans?


    1. Hi Lisa. Wow, I can't believe your Beijing trip has come up so fast! Have a fantastic time!
      I'm glad you seem to have found some direction, but sorry to hear that Canberra didn't work out for you. Oh well, at least your move back home will be perfectly timed to miss the Canberra winter!

      1. We should definitely try to catch up here before I leave Canberra for good! And yes I am not going to miss Canberra's winter, although I don't mind the cold that much.

    2. The Poo Room... Haha I love it!!

      Have fun in Beijing, that's very exciting!

    3. oo I'm from perth too! You sure you won't be bored there? xD

    4. Wow the move is definitely happening! Good for you. Yay Beijing!! I liked H&M a lot I wish they would hurry up and build one here. xx

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