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Monday, December 12, 2011

You gotta get you a... Crazy Asian Contraptions #2

This is part 2 of the crazy product series, sold by Chinese retailer TinyDeal. For part 1, click here.

Flower Design Face up Roller Plastic Handheld Facial Face Massager 

"Help promotes face blood circulation and activates skin cells metabolism. Make skin young and energetic. Open the massager and then infibulate the cheek after washing face"



Hip Buttock Massage Massager Lift-up Shaping Shaper Beauty Tool

"Relieves stress and tension very quickly and effectively. Provides compact and dense massage service. Unsymmetrical massage rollers give your skin different feelings. Roll from bottom to top from thigh to hip area (can be used while showering or after showering)"


V-shaped Plate Sway Swing Cushion Seat Pillow for Bottom & Waist Exercise

"Keeps health for your bottom and waist. Do balance exercise and hula dance exercise in bathtub. Makes double sport effect in the water"

Cute Charming Blush Cheek Color Even Card for Make-up DIY

"Makes your facial make-up cute and natural (Seriously!?). Most appropriate for those who just learning make-up"


Plastic Eyebrow Shaping Template Stencil Grooming DIY Tool

The description for this one is too predictable. 

Hard Duty Dual Rolling Exercise Handle Wheel with Knee Pad Total Body Exerciser Workout

"Rolling the wheel forward and backward to firm your entire upper body. Control the degree by rolling farther or closer. Reduce your waistline and turn off excess calories. Dual wheels design for greater stability"

(Be sure to wear high heels and underwear while using, so you can look as cool as the lady on the box)

Nose up Straight Bridge Higher Maker Clip Lifting Shaping Shaper Clipper Beauty Tool 

"Makes your little nose clearer, more beautiful and full of happiness (!!!?) Helps shape and lift your nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery. You can use it when driving, watching TV at home, taking a nap after lunch or go to sleep at night"


Panda Animal Style Coral Velvet Cartoon Costume Romper Cloak for Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

You think this is an innocent and cute panda costume, right? Wrong! It is advertised as being "for lovers". Need I say more? 

 Lipstick Shape 2-Blade Portable Funny Cooling Fan Mini Fan

Want some lipgloss? No wait, it's a fan!

The best is yet to come in Part #3 ;-)

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