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Monday, December 05, 2011

Crafts and toilet training - the messy world of toddlers

Yesterday we made a mobile out of dried nature. It would have looked better if I had coloured wools to hang things with, but all I could find was bulky yellow twine:
The collection of the materials for our craft activity was slightly unfortunate. Bub had just been to her ballet lesson so was wearing stockings and a leotard. Before leaving the house I dutifully asked, “Do you need to go to the toilet?” which was met by the usual singsong “Noooo”. We were 5 minutes down the path outside our house when she announced “I need the toilet” and proceeded to give me less than 20 seconds to take off her leotard and stockings (it didn’t happen) before she weed. Nature collection was cut short (much to Bub’s disappointment- she didn’t seem to be bothered about the wet stockings and leotard) but thankfully we already had enough materials to make the mobile.
Using the toilet at an appropriate time is just way too time consuming and distracting, Bub prefers to wait until the situation is desperate. This is especially annoying when we’re at an unfamiliar venue and I face an urgent bathroom finding challenge. We have also put nighttime toilet training on hold, because Bub either has a dry night or wakes up from being wet- she hasn't woken up before she needs to go to the toilet. Obviously she's not ready yet, but I'm not worried as she's only 3 (it was worth a try, and she was the keenest of us all - the only reason we persevered for so long is because she refused to put a nappy on again. I suppose it's easy for her, she doesn't have to drag herself out of bed and change sheets, and then do oodles of washing and drying of linen, and remaking of beds...)
Speaking of crafts, I thought I'd share another easy craft idea for kids. Have you tried serviette / napkin art? Fold a cheap paper serviette in half and then half again. Draw a picture/pattern with markers that will go through the layers, open it up and hey presto! your picture appears 4 times. Super easy and super exciting for a toddler, and not messy at all. Bub insisted on making hers into wings, which had to be both on her back and her front (this is not part of my instructions, LOL):

Bub has an obsession with hand soap (the type in a pump bottle) at the moment. Usually when she goes quiet for more than 5 minutes, I know something is up - eg the suncream incident. On one recent occasion I poked my head around the corner and the activity didn't seem too messy, so I let her go with it. The result was this elaborate creation:
Several layers of tissue, each with hand soap ad liquid glue all over it and a few foam cut outs and straws from the craft box thrown into the mix! I love how children find such delight in the simplest things!

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  1. Urg - toilet training! Glad I am finally past that...with the exception of occasionally being no where near a toilet and someone exclaiming "I have to go!" It does get better and easier though.


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