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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year that was.... 2011

2011... time has gone fast, I can't believe it is new years eve already.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers. I hope you have a wonderful night and stay safe.

This year has had the usual highs and lows. Overall it was a challenging year for me, with lots of upheavals and changes. 2012 should be more settled, so things can only get better (hopefully). I'll start with the Challenges (I'll be positive and won't call them Lows) and then move on to the Highs, so we end on a positive note...

Lows Challenges
  •  Moving to Canberra - a new city, a 5 hour flight from my family and friends. A city where I knew no one, where I had to find somewhere to live and where I started a brand spankin' new job. Stressful times.
  • Having no car for the first two months I lived in Canberra - due to some sort of ridiculous delay in trucking my car across the country. This was made very stressful by the fact that the car company were rude and unhelpful when I asked where my car was. I got to know Canberra's bus system intimately.
  • Returning to my parked car to find that someone had smashed into it and driven away, leaving a major dent. Having said dent panel beaten out, and going without a car for another five weeks while this was done.
  • Breaking my ankle while playing mixed netball, a mere 4 months after I had arrived in Canberra. I hardly knew anyone, and had to call on favours from almost-strangers to drive me to hospital, and then to and from work for 6 weeks while I could not drive. To make matters worse, it meant I had to delay my hip operation by 6 months which inconvinienced people who had taken time off work (and made fill in arrangements) and booked flights to look after me!
  • Experiencing Canberra hospital emergency department with the broken ankle - what a horrible, over crowded, dirty and disgusting place. I really hope we're not sick again while we live in Canberra, as the emergency department is the pits! There's nothing like sitting on a ripped chair while others have to sit or lie on the floor due to lack of space... a room filled with coughing people, screaming babies and people vomiting into plastic bags... a 3 hour wait at midnight, after which no one in the waiting room had even been seen and I was told I'd be waiting at least another 6 hours to be seen if I stayed there that night (due to the arrival of a helicoptor dropping off seriously injured patient(s)).
  • Living on the third floor of an apartment block with no lifts while I had a broken ankle, and then having to move house, with a broken ankle. This was absolute murder, but I somehow did it.
  • The passing of my Grandmother in Perth, and not being able to get to the funeral. It made living interstate so much harder, as it brought to the surface thoughts about wasting time away from those who I am closest to.
  • Having my hip operated on for a second time.

  • Starting my job with a fantastic manager and team, who I really enjoy working with. Being challenged and getting exposure to new areas of law. Being valued and rewarded for my ability and the work I produce.
  • Meeting lots of new people and making friends in Canberra, through work and sport (netball and touch rugby, both social which I joined to meet people) teams.
  • Living a 5 minute drive from work, in a city with hardly an traffic. Being able to park a short walk from work, for free, whatever time of the day I arrive.
  • Lunch time walks outside amongst the greenery, an excellent escape from the clinical office environment and necessary to get my daily dose of vitamin D - this isn't possible if you work in the CBD.
  • Moving house and finding an excellent living arrangement the second time around, with great landlords. The arrangement allows me to save more for my own house deposit (because I'm saving money on rent), and I have a lot of space and privacy.
  • As boring as Canberra may be, it's a great place to raise kids and is very family friendly, with lots of open spaces and it's easy to get from A to B. Bub and I have enjoyed exploring the parks and childrens activities that are on offer.
  • Exploring Canberra and its many cafes, and experiencing its events, including Floriade and Tropfest.
  • Making the most of Canberra's proximity to Melbourne and Sydney (not as much as I could/should have though) and visiting them for weekends away.
  • Having a witness take down the number plate of the dishonest lady who smashed into my car and drove away. I gave this information to the police, who eventually sent me her details. This was a lovely surprise as it meant I didn't have to pay my insurance excess and didn't loose my no claims bonus.
  • Lucking out with excellent panel beaters who did a really good job on my car, and finished it even earlier than expected.
  • Having my hip operated on a second time, with my Mum there to look after me and pick up the pieces during my recovery... and finally getting the operation over and done with.
  • Spending Christmas with my family and friends, and spending a few days by the beach in Rockingham with my close family.
  • Discovering and pursuing a love of op shopping, which has caused me to accumulate junk (as I probably would have done anyway) but at least it hasn't cost me as much as retail priced junk accumulation would!
  • Starting this blog, which I have really enjoyed and is a great outlet for me. It has also allowed me to meet some very interesting and friendly people online. One day maybe I'll meet some of you in person.
  • Learning to be independant and resilient, and that I can rely on myself and cope with a lot without the support of my family and friends.

Things I Discovered in 2011

* Blogging - so much fun!
* Google friend connect
* Tumblr
* Bluefly.com
* Madeit

Beauty / Makeup
* ASAP facial cleanser = amazing for my face
* Aesop primrose cleansing facial mask = again, amazing
* Natio moisturiser

* How expensive it is to get clothing altered, even to just have trousers shortened
* That I really really can't find any nice suit trousers that fit me properly off the rack.
* Skinny belts
* Middy skirts and maxi dresses (I was incredibly late to the maxi dress party, always thinking they didn't suit me - but now I love them with wedges)
* Rediscovered wedges

In other news, today hurts... a lot. I went shopping yesterday at the Galleria with my friend. We didn't do the whole mall, and I had my trusty crutch to help me walk... but I obviously got overexcited and overdid it! Now I'm back on the strongest painkillers that I was taking right after the operation, and I'm still in a lot of pain. It was the most walking I have done since the operation. Oops, I will certainly take it easy over the next few weeks!

I did manage to buy some PJs, which you can never have enough of. I love Sussan's pajamas and these were such a bargain. Reduced to $20, with a further 30% off... $16 for a long sleeved top AND pants!

Loving the cute herron / oriental print.


    1. It's never easy moving to a new place. We have been in Melbourne almost 8 years and I still barely know anyone! But it sure sounds like you have made the most out of it. Here's hoping you feel better soon and that 2012 is wonderful for you.

    2. What a wild and mixed year you had in 2011! I certainly applaud you for having the courage to take on so many changes, I hope you're reaping the benefits!
      Oh, and working in an area where it's very green, there is free parking and it's out of the city? It sounds like you work right near where I do! Perhaps I will be one of the readers you meet in person this year, yay!


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