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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Brunch review: Farmer's Daughter, Yarralumla

Farmer's Daughter is a relatively new cafe at the Yarralumla shops. I have been meaning to try it for ages, but it is closed on Sundays (my usual brunch day). I seriously don't understand why so many cafes only open for brunch and lunch choose to close on a Sunday - I know I'm one of many who find this mind boggling and frustrating.

Check out the super cute decor at this place:

I had the ricotta bruschetta with cinnamon sugar and honey monte with accent beurre- $14.50. It was nice, if a little sickly sweet (and this is from the ultimate sweet tooth...):

The Scoring

Menu variety / creativity: 7/10. There are a few creative options, like 'No ordinary soldiers' ( 3 long pieces of bread, the first with light crème fraiche and smoked salmon, the second parmesan with  rocket and the third a romesco sauce and proscuitto). My ricotta bruschetta was the only sweet option. More points if they introduce other creative and unique menu items!

Taste: 6/10. It was nice, but I don't think you can really mess up ricotta on toast. I found it too sweet, and it was missing that je ne sais quois. The macaroons (especially lavender and honey flavour) were divine.

Coffee: 9/10. Fabulous! You know a cafe is going to make consistently excellent coffee when their business card has the 'head barista' on it. They use delicious Campos coffee beans too.

Setting / location: 7.5/10. Cute decor inside, although a little dark for a sunny day. We sat outside in the sunshine which was nice, but there isn't much space there.

Service: 7/10. My friend got there 25 minutes before me and sat down at a table (yes, I was late, which is very unlike me. In my defence I had to get there from Queanbeyan, and somehow got lost in the back streets there). Someone brought her water (big tick!), but then no one brought her a menu or asked if she wanted to order coffee or anything (and they didn't know or ask whether she was waiting for someone else). Apart from this strange omission, service was great and friendly once I arrived. It wasn't busy and food came out lightening fast, as did the coffee.

Price: 6.5/10. A little expensive for food and average for coffee. A regular coffee is $3.50. My ricotta bruschetta was $14.50, and my friend had scrambled eggs on toast (not a generous serving) for $14.50. The more creative menu options are around $18.50.

Verdict: I wouldn't return for brunch, but for coffee with macaroons or a takeaway coffee - definitely! This cafe is a lovely addition to Canberra's fledgling cafe scene, especially with it's unique decor. Canberra needs more places which pay attention to this element!

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