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Friday, August 19, 2011

Topshop is closer to opening in Oz - locations announced

Two years ago, we had confirmation that Topshop would be coming to Australia. Now we even know where the bricks and mortar locations will be!

The all-new Topshop will be located in Melbourne’s Jam Factory complex and will encompass 1,300 square meters and will also offer the menswear label Topman.

The iconic Gowings building on the corner of George and Market Street will house Topshop, which is certainly a sartorial step-up from its previous tenant, Supre.

And there's more- a host of online retailers have announced that they are opening dedicated Aussie websites. ASOS is the latest to make this announcement - I just hope their prices are as good as the UK webbie. Amazon will apparently be shipping here within the next year or two as well.
The problem with Asos is returns. I had a nightmare experience getting my money back from them when they sent me an incorrect item - it took just under six months! But that warrants a post of its own, and it's likely that one day when I'm wanting to rant about customer service in general I will tell you all about it.

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