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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Real VS Unreal Australians

Australia is going semi-mad, or Canberra at least. Yesterday we hosted the ‘Real Australians Convoy of No Confidence’. About 180 trucks came to Canberra from around Australia to protest and demand an election. Although there was some media hype about how it would affect the traffic, there were no delays- in fact, traffic was lighter than usual as people stayed home or carpooled/biked/walked.

Photo credit: some random news site who really won't care that I have used their photo.
 While the ‘Real Australians’ hooted their horns (I heard them when I went outside of the office building to get my morning coffee), the ‘Unreal Australians’ engaged in a counter protest. The ‘Unreal Australians’ were all on bikes:
Photo credit: The Riot Act
So while some people protested, the rest of us got on with our boring little lives. My day at work was particularly busy.

In other news, I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger award by Em from Vintage Sweetheart. Thanks Em – my first blog award, and a cute idea. I haven’t been blogging properly for very long (only a few weeks) and only have 5 followers so far- but hey, I started with NONE!

 The way this award works is as follows...

After accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, the blogger must:

1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

Seven things about me:

1. I'm always super busy: working fulltime, whilst studying and looking after a 3 year old.
2. I have been living in Canberra since January, and I have concluded that it is more a town than a city.
3. I love travelling and have in my life been to almost every continent.
4. I'd love to travel to China, Japan and South Korea. And somewhere I can relax by the pool sipping cocktails (Bali or Thailand would work!)
5. I love op shopping, online shopping and general bargain hunting.
6. We may be getting a kitten soon!
7. I am a real sweet tooth, and cannot resist chocolate and lollies.

15 recently discovered blogs that I'm passing the award to:

1. Cool by Association
2. My Life in the Country
3. Motherhood Career Fashion
4. My Life Less Ordinary
5. Rose Petals in the Rain
6. Skylark and Son
7. Suitcase Full of Dreams
8. Sydney Shop Girl
9. The Secret Lives of Op Shops
10. Tune into Radio Carly
11. Rambling-e
12. The Cat Hag

I don't have 15 favourite blogs yet!!!
Let me just say, if anyone doesn't want to continue this I would totally understand- for seasoned bloggers, I'm sure there are plenty of these things floating around which might get annoying and clog up a blog. But I thought I'd give it a shot, because at the very least this is a list of my favourite blogs at the moment and a shout out to those bloggers :-)


  1. Thank you - I may not do the whole award as I have done it before. I will link a little thank you back though!

    Take care.

  2. Wooo! Thank you! I'll have to set time aside to do this =D

  3. Thankyou for the link! That's lovely :) I'm glad you like my blog

  4. Thanks hunnie :) That's really sweet of you. I'm following you now!

  5. Congrats on the blog award, and thanks for passing it on to me. :)

    I wish I was as well-travelled as you, it must be amazing to have been to so many places!

    The Cat Hag

  6. Awww thanks so much! I love your blog btw!!!!



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