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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tiger and Costco

My credit card got another workout today.
The most expensive (and annoying) purchase was flight tickets to Melbourne for Melbourne cup weekend. I booked ages ago with Tiger airways and got a really cheap deal, but Tiger decided to cancel the flight. Of course now the flights left on Virgin and Qantas are very dear, so I had no choice but to pay $350 for a return flight at less than ideal times. Had I wanted to book convenient times, it would have cost $550 return which is just ridiculous. I feel stupid for booking with Tiger in the first place, as Virgin weren’t that much more expensive when I originally booked.

Now that Tiger have dumped all Canberra flights and routes (I’m assuming they have, as they have cut their most popular Canberra-Melb flight), Canberrans will be even more likely than before to be forced to buy non-competitive, expensive fares.

I suppose I needed to have to have an annoying and expensive experience with a budget airline to prompt me to avoid them in the future. No more Tiger!

I also caved and bought 2 pairs of flats on Ebay, one loafer style and the other cute blue with frills. I will post photos of them when they arrive, I just hope they fit.

For lunch we went to Costco (one of my colleagues has a membership). I probably wouldn’t eat there again. Sure it was cheap ($3 for my giant slice of pizza, $2.50 for a giant frozen yoghurt) but I now feel sick from it. So unhealthy and such large servings (and no, I didn’t feel compelled to finish them). I refrained from buying the 2kg of Jelly Belly jellybeans that they sell for $20, which is a great bargain.

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