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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Favourite Beauty Products

Here are some of my favs.

Favourite cleanser:
ASAP daily facial cleanser with AHA. I started using this product on my beautician's recommendation. At first I wasn't convinced, and at $45 for a bottle this stuff doesn't appear to be cheap. However, a little bit goes a long way so it actually works out to be a bargain. It's a glycolic facial cleanser so has active ingredients to break down dead skin cells etc. The best thing about it is that it's strong enough to use as your primary makeup removal product (but I'd recommend cleansing twice if you're also removing makeup). It's 100% Aussie owned and made, which warms my patriotic little heart!

Favourite face moisturiser:
Natio Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15. This has quite an interesting and strong smell, so it wouldn't be for everyone. I like the smell, the feel and the way my skin responds - no break outs. It also has SPF 15 which is a prerequisite for me.

Best body moisturiser:
Palmers Cocoa Butter. This stuff is cheap and smells delicious. I buy huge pump bottles and slather it on after a shower. It's a bargain product that does an excellent job.

Favourite haircare product:

Delva Solarcare Leave in Moisturiser. Nothing comes close to this product - it leaves hair looking and feeling shiny, healthy and soft. Other products claim to do it, but this is the only product I'd rave about.

Favourite hair styling product:
Fudge Urban Instant Smoothie. Now this one isn't a miracle worker, and I don't like it's coconut smell all that much... but it does de-frizz my hair on a daily basis without making it look and feel oily. I have yet to find another product that de-frizzes without making my hair into an oil slick.

Best eyeliner:
Lancome Le Stylo Eyeliner Pen. I'm not sure if you can get this in Australia, I bought mine overseas (x3, and I keep buying). It glides on easily and stays on well. Plus you can use the back of it for smudging, which is handy.

 Favourite eyeshadow:

Dior. Yep, I think Dior's eyeshadows are the best. Better than Mac. They glide on beautifully, stay on well and look stunning.

Most versatile and useful makeup product:
MAC pigment in copper sparkle. This one is great because I use it as a very vibrant eyeshadow, and it's also useful as a bronzer to highlight the cheekbones (and it makes you look more tanned).
Favourite blush:
Bloom cosmetics in Rosebud. This has gold undertones, and really suits my complexion. I have heard many girls rave about Nars Orgasm blush and this is apparently a very similar, cheaper product.
My current foundation:
Revlon Colorstay Active (this is discontinued, so when I finish my current bottle I'll have to try a new foundation). I like a foundation that goes on easily with my fingertips if I don't have a brush or sponge handy.

So, those are my must have beauty items at the moment :-) Is there anything I'm missing out on? 

I have not yet found an amazing:
-Body exfoliate scrub
-Face mask
-Lipcare product (and before you suggest Lucas Pawpaw ointment, I don't like lip glosses that I have to spread with my fingers!)


  1. I love Palmers products. And as for lip care, I cannot beat Burt's Bees tinted lip balm sticks at ten bucks a pop. Xx

  2. Well that rules out Smith's rosebud salve- have so many tins of this around the house, in the car, bag etc

  3. I agree re the Delva Solarcare leave in moisturiser - it is wonderfuol protection for regular swimming, keeps hair in fabulous condition - but i cant find anywhere to buy iht online nowadays - can you help? Many thanks!

  4. Hi, i just googled and you're right that it has been discontinued. However, they now make a product called leave in restructorant. I have a feeling it would b a similar formulation. I'll have to buy one eventually and will find out, if anyone can comment on the new product please do! :)

  5. Hello Hello, I too am looking for a good substitute for Delva Solar-Care... I have curly hair, and am a bit of a no-fuss, wash n' wear girl, which means I generally hate the feel of most products in my hair. But solar-care is the hair product you have when you're not having a hair product. It controls the fluffy factor and seperates the curls, but still leaves my hair looking and feeling natural. Anything else I've tried is too sticky, heavy, globby, oily, greasy, or waxy.... as such, I'm keen to hear about what my fellow Delva-lovers have tried and like/dislike......... thanks :)

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  7. hi lisa, thanks for sharing list best beauty of products i have used few of them & Delva Solarcare helps to make hair shiny and healthy.can you please share more natural products for skincare? i have find few skincare products review hope you would like to read. check over here


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