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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Do you ever buy just because it's cheap?

I did that yesterday; I bought 3 books from Basement Books only because they were $1.20 each. Afterwards I was like, why did I do that!? More unecessary clutter. I suppose I can try to read them and donate them to charity afterwards. The books are:

And the total cost? A whole $3.60 for all three including shipping. I just had to do it.... 
I've been feeling cold lately, only because we had such warm weather last week. Now it's back to winter (as it should be) and I need to re-acclimatise!

Last night was eventful at our place, as we discovered a beautiful Bengal kitten on the patio. It sat there meowing to be let inside for hours and hours. Eventually at 10pm we let it inside and made a bed for it in the laundry- the poor thing was cold and scared. It's obviously someone's indoor pet and it escaped and got lost. Such a cute breed, I really want a Bengal kitty now! Bubnamed him 'Tom' (an ugly name, but for some reason she calls every cat Tom and sometimes pretends to be a cat called Tom... not sure where she gets it from).

This morning M let Bengal kitty outside and took Bub to her gymnastics lesson, upon their return he had dissapeared :-( I think we should have kept him and taken him to the vet for microchip scanning, I'm sure such an expensive breed would have a microchip. Oh well, maybe Tom will return tonight if he's still lost in the area. He looks a lot like this:

Photo credit: Bali Hai Bengals

Only 3 and a half weeks until I'm back in Perth for a visit, and performance appraisals at work this week... a few things to look forward to!

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  1. Oh dear. I do this all the time, the buying stuff because it's cheap, I mean. But that middle book looks amazing (I love ethnic stuff so am a sucker for a picture like that!)
    I hope the cat comes back... what a beauty it must have been...


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