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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ginger Pudding with Caramelized Pumpkin & Macadamia Gelato...

Tom the cat returned... we let Bub play with him some more, then took him to the vet to be microchip scanned. The vet recognised the cat as one of his patients. Apparently the family who own him are away on holiday, and have already been away for 2 months... Poor kitty is staying with a family just down the road from us, and despite being an indoor cat, those people hadn't even noticed that he had been missing for two days. Poor Tom (who is actually named Trevor) probably wasn't lost at all, but was so bored that he wanted to come and be with us. He loved playing with Bub, and Bub was not happy about saying goodbye. I'm sort of hoping he will escape again and return (of course we'd return him again after a play), and we're even contemplating getting a cat now.

Work has been extra hectic, I didn't even have time to go and get my daily coffee today. Probably a good thing because I have been making a habit of buying giant muffins with my coffee, which is not helping the waistline. I have definitely put on weight since I started my office job. In my defence, having broken my ankle (and still being in pain with it) means I can't do sport. If I could go jogging I probably would (I know about a week ago I said I doubted I'd have time, but these last few days I've realised how much weight I have put on and I would make time).

Anyway, I just got home from dinner at Choices Vietnamese in Manuka. It was tasty, not spectacular. We went to Griffith Vietnamese first but they were booked out. Dessert was however a highlight. First we went to an Indian restaurant and asked if we could just get dessert, the waiter said NO as there is a minimum charge. Their loss - the restaurant was practically empty so I don't understand that sort of business. Instead we went to Le Rendezvous and had this very creative and tasty combination:

It was supposed to be ginger pudding with caramelized pumpkin and macadamia gelato. It was very very good, but it could have been spectacular if it was what was on the menu. It was actually just normal pumpkin (albeit sweet, it would have been better if caramelized) with vanilla bean ice cream (macadamia would have been tastier). So while it could have been taste bud popping, Masterchef standard delicious, it was still pretty damn good. It's a great combination and would be so easy to make, I might do this as a dinner party dessert (sure to impress!).

In other news, I think Bub is a budding artiste. Don't you think this is good for a 3 year old? It's all her work, a painting of outer space:

She has such fabulous concentration and can work at a painting for an hour!

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