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Monday, April 29, 2013

Things I'm Loving This Week

My funky new flower vase filled with pretty flowers.

Citizen Khan, which is currently showing on channel Seven/GWN7. I am loving this BBC comedy series, which follows the trials and tribulations of Mr Khan, self-appointed community leader, and his family. 

The series has been subject to criticism that it degrades Islam and contains unacceptable racial stereotyping. My opinion? Get over it! It's funny, and you have to be able to laugh at yourself. There are shows taking the mickey out of every religion or race. If anything, the series should be more offensive to "gingers" (redheads) than Muslims. Thankfully the ratings in the UK have been stellar for the first series, so a second series is in production.

A lowdown on the characters:

Mr Khan, self proclaimed community leader and Pakistani businessman. Terrible fashion sense, and a "tight-arse" who buys in bulk at Cash'n'Carry. Always trying to raise his profile in the community (through the Pakistani Business Association and Sparkhill Community Mosque) but causes havoc and embarrassment in the process. Stubborn and tries to talk his way out of every situation with ridiculous logic, until Mrs Khan steps in.

Mrs Khan, wife of Mr Khan (his "sweetie darling") and boss of the household (although Mr Khan would never admit it). She is competitive with the other women in the Muslim community, keeps a spotless house (which includes sponging the plastic cover on the sofa twice daily) and is terrified of anything that would bring shame on herself or her family. Very dramatic whenever anything goes wrong and always gets Mr Khan to do what she wants in the end.

Dave: a Muslim convert, and the "Mosque Manager" at the Sparkhill Community Mosque. Mr Khan refuses to acknowledge that Dave is Muslim, and refers to him as a "ginger" (referring to his red hair). Dave tries hard, but has difficulty standing up to Mr Khan and sometimes gets carried along with his unfortunate plans. He has a "certificate" in counseling and likes to get involved whenever there is the hint of a family disagreement.

Shazia Khan: the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Khan. Currently engaged and planning her wedding to Amjad Malik. A scruffy dresser, easily pleased, Mr Khan's least favourite daughter.

Alia Khan: the younger daughter of Mr and Mrs Khan. Always heavily made up and wearing super tight jeans and high heels, she quickly puts on a headscarf whenever her father is present. She pretends to be a devout Muslim, and has Mr Khan wrapped around her little finger. She is actually a party animal who loves clubbing, but Mr Khan would never believe it.

Amjad Malik: Shazia's husband to be. A very 'simple' boy who is easily led (and mislead by Mr Khan). He works at a phone shop (where he started out wearing a rubber mascot costume) and is deeply in love with Shazia. He comes from a wealthier family than the Khans, and his mother Mrs Malik makes this known at every opportunity.

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