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Monday, April 22, 2013

Op Shopped

I had a brief hiatus from op shopping while I moved house - there's nothing like having to shift all of your belongings to make you realise that you have too much stuff! Of course I'm back at it, it's just too hard to resist :) and hey, if you've ever watched the Tv show 'Hoarders', I'm nowhere near as bad as the people who feature on there so I figure my hobby could be worse!

Don't you love it when you walk into an op shop and just hit the jackpot? I had this experience at Vinnies recently, at a store where I usually don't find much at all! 

Here are the latest purchases:
 'Litro' jug $1, and a ceramic man with removable hat which I plan to use as a flower vase! ($5)
 Retro bowl and lid ($5) and Australian pottery jug with leaf print ($15). I think the jug will be part of my sister's birthday present, as she collects pottery.

I hardly ever find these sort of retro goodies so I was very excited!

I absolutely adore this painting - it looks like a paint by numbers canvas ($4)

 Bunny Suicides book, $1

 This floor vase was $25 delivered on sale from Ezibuy, the flowers/reeds were $4 at the op shop.

From here onwards, the purchases are from Good Sammy's, during another very successful trip!
 Mens waterproof jacket with concealable hood, $6

 Jacquie E blouse, $3

 Stunning Mei Mei watercolour flower print dress, $6

 I couldn't resist this lovely floral side plate, $1

 Another 'tea for one' teapot for the collection, $4

Silver snake-print leather flats by Nude, $5

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  1. All amazing thrifted finds. Yes having to pack and unpack the whole house sure is an eye opener as to all the accumulated stuff. but op-shopping is too addictive.

  2. quite the haul! my particular fave is the horsea lidded bowl. we used to have a large collection in that style (gradually op-shopped over a few years) and the bowls were brillaint for keeping and serving vegges warm. great to have you linking up Lisa, do come back again x

  3. Wow! how fantastic is that ceramic man with the hat. Love it - what a find! (and I agree, he'll look gorgeous with flowers sprouting out of his head) xx


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