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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Home: The TV / sitting room

My sitting room or TV room has a very vintage feel:

The funky drawers that you can see propping up the TV and also to make a lamp table are all unattached, so can be rearranged as I please. They are upcycled vintage drawers with wooden boxing that I found on Gumtree - they belonged to two girls who run a printing and graphic design studio. They were re-decorating their studio so getting rid of these gems!

This vintage looking lamp was picked up at a garage sale for $10, and the photo frame is a souvenir from a trip to America. Notice the cute cushions? My friend who has a sewing machine helped me to make these out of vintage linen!

Almost everything in the room is second hand:

Leather couches: Ikea, sourced second hand from Gumtree
Vintage repurposed drawers: made by some creative and handy girls, sourced second hand from Gumtree
Vintage chairs: free from a roadside collection!
Shaggy rug: bought new
Cushions: from the markets (second hand), op-shopped or made by me (some from op-shopped vintage linen, and others I bought the material new from Spotlight)
Modern table: second hand, belonged to my parents
Vintage lamp: from a garage sale
Magazine holder/knitting bag: op-shopped

It is definitely my favourite room in the house because it is so unique (and suits my design taste perfectly), but it was also created well within a small budget!


  1. Love the stacked drawers it looks awesome!! Cute cushions too. xx

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