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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In Search of the Perfect Vintage Kitchenette

I am lusting after a vintage kitchenette (also known as kitchen dresser) for my house. I am undecided on the exact design that I'd most like, and whether I want to refurbish one myself (I'd love to, but I don't have any undercover space to do it so it would likely have to wait until next summer, which is annoying).

This one is for sale for $50, and ripe for refurbishment. It's a simple design and it would fit into the space I have well, but I'm not enamored with it.

 This is probably my favourite! It sold for around $350-$400 on eBay recently. This design is generally the most expensive, especially if it is already refurbished.

 The seller wants $250 for this cutie. It's a bit too bright and pink for my liking.

 This one is solid, and could look very nice if painted. I like ones that have glass though, which this one is lacking.

 This one is super cute and sold one eBay for $125 recently. It is a bit big for the area I want it and I'm not sure that the yellow would compliment my decor.

This one is simple and lovely. The seller wants $250 for it, and it has some issues (glass is missing parts at the corners and needs some repainting etc). I'm not sure that it's worth the asking price.

Even if I bought one in relatively good condition, I would add my own finishing touches. I love what has been done here with mosaic:

Given it will already be busy because it will be filled with vintage goodies, I think I might stick to something more subtle like stenciling. Stenciling with paper doilies is cheap, easy and looks fantastic. Watch this space!

Which is your favourite design, or have you seen nicer?

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  1. i prefer the first one, but then i tend to like plainer things, especially if i'm going to display things on it as it's then less busy/distracting. i look forward one day to having kitchen with free standing furniture like this x


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