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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Op Shopped

I have been on several op shopping trips lately but have not had time to blog about them. Here are the spoils... :-)

Hand painted hanging frypan with poem for my sister {> - $1 from Save the Children

Cards! These have obviously been donated by a newsagency from excess stock. They cost 20c-$1 each, which is no much cheaper than buying them at retail prices.

 Brand new uplifting quotations book with handmade paper cover - $3 from Save the Children.

 Katies photographic print top- $6.25 (1/2 price sale) from Good Sammy's

 Veronika Maine skirt, $6 from Save the Children

 Flower t-shirt, $2 from Good Sammy's (during 1/2 price sale)

 Weekly organiser ($3) and another card ($1) - newsagency donations rock!

 I wasn't sure about these, but they're brand new and for $1!? who could complain...

 I love this BNWT Target dress, which was $7.50 (1/2 price) at Good Sammy's

 Finally, some homewares. A cute holly hobbie styled plastic cup (50c), some sort of jug which has holes in the bottom (so will be perfect for a planter, but I'm not sure what it was actually intended for!?- $2) and another teapot for the collection ($3). It is missing one of the cups but is still cute- I love the panda pop up head.

Close up of the cup which says "Start each day in a happy way..." - so cute, I'd love to collect the whole set!

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  1. i adore holly hobbie. I have a little collection of trinkets and stuff


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