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Sunday, August 05, 2012

An Exhausting Week

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All has been quiet on the blogging front because I have just come out of an absolutely exhausting, crazy week. I have been working very long hours on a transaction which will (hopefully) mostly be finalised on Monday.

I am finding the work I am given challenging and I have been given lots of responsibility (which I love), but I am finding my managing partner very hard work. He yells at me, is unpredictable and moody and doesn't seem to be satisfied no matter how hard one tries. I know it's nothing personal as he treats everyone like this, but it is upsetting none the less. I suppose I just have to get used to his behaviour and not let it get to me at all - I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet.

This weekend I have cancelled most of my social events as I'm just too drained to do anything. Anyway, here are some random phone snaps to give you a snapshot of the past week or two...

My managing partner's Mum bakes for us. Every Monday. Sometimes it's cookies, other times cake or a slice. It's one of the (very) few perks in my office!

 I am really liking this cute advertisment which is inside lots of Perth's buses:
"Humpty Dumpty ran for the bus
Humpty Dumpty caused a great fuss.
All of the passangers were forced to wait
And now thanks to Humpty they're all running late."

Ted is still alive but he is now missing both eyes. 

On the coffee machine at the Food Store in West Perth:  "Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten". I love the barista there - he sings while making coffees. I think it makes them taste better ;-)

 Last weekend I used a voucher which entitled me to a 1 hour full body massage (it was blissful) and a 30 minute ion detox foot spa. I sat there googling the "science" of these spas on my phone while I was having it and concluded that they're a money making ploy/scam. The only good thing about them is soaking your feet in warm water and being forced to sit and relax for half an hour (because if you try to take your feet out, the red rusty water stains everything).

The water is supposedly turned this colour by toxins being released from your body. This is a phurphy - "It's just basic chemistry - electrolysis. The water goes brown because metal electrodes are rusting in a salt water bath." So even if you don't put your feet in the water, it would still turn brown. Goldacre even demonstrated the process with some salt water, a car battery and a Barbie doll. Even Barbie turned the water brown." Source

 Breakfast at Cranked Coffee, Leederville (review to follow when I find a spare moment to write it). Their homemade tomato relish was delicious.

Aren't these stress balls adorable? I found them at a shop on Oxford Street in Leederville and had to have one. They were $55 each (!) at the store, but sure enough online you can get them for about $8 each delivered, so I bought a set of 4. 

Caomaru are designed by Makiko Yoshida and are available in 4 expressions: Yuck, Relief, Pout and Joy. This week I would have chosen to play with 'Yuck', for sure!


  1. busy lizzy. fitting it all is sometimes difficult but the baked goodies makes it more bearable.


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