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Saturday, December 03, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... Estrogen patches (Huh!?)

Estrogen patches

I can hear your brain ticking over... why is a twenty something woman using estrogen patches? I did try to resist. I tried the other options, but nothing else worked.

I am one of about 14% of women who experience menstrual migraines. They start 1-2 days before the end of my cycle, and go until the end of my period. It's hard to tell when the hormone related migraines start and a different type of headache begins - I tend to hold my neck in a specific way when I have the menstrual migraines, which causes me to get a stiff neck and further headaches.

The whole headache thing is not great, especially when combined with the fact that I get very shitty and emotional (and generally start hating everything) during this time. Panadol, nurofen and other mild pain relief do not touch the headaches. It starts with a constant dull ache in my temples, and gradually escalates. If I take 2 panedine, and retreat to a cold and dark room for a nap in time, I can ward off a proper migraine. If I can't do this, I might reach the point of no return in which case it will progress into a full blown migraine. I usually don't get to this point, thankfully... but the disturbing dull ache will stay with me for about 7 days, always there.

I didn't want to use estrogen patches. We all associate these with menopause, and I'm always worried about how these things affect the body in the longer term. I tried using a different contraceptive pill. It made the migraines worse. I tried taking antidepressants, which apparently might have helped. Finally I relented and started using estrogen patches.

I wouldn't say I'm headache free, but there has been about a 70% improvement. Once I fiddle around with the dose, I'm hoping to better that.

 And that is why I'm bloody grateful for estrogen patches, and their magical hormone stabilizing, migraine preventing powers.


  1. I hope you get some relief with the patches, those migraines sound so debilitating and awful.

  2. A 70% improvement is remarkable! I can imagine that it must be a bit daunting having to have a patch so young... but whatever it takes? Hope it continues to give you relief. Poor you. x


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