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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Boxing Day Sale Purchases

I went to the boxing day sales *in a wheelchair*. Big thanks go to my Mum and Dad for pushing me around all day, and their excellent steering skills. People are also super polite and move out of the way for wheelchairs, and I got to skip the lines and use the disabled change rooms at Target and Kmart - the silver lining!

This would not have been possible if we were in the city. We were South of Perth in Rockingham, which is not busy like Perth city/Melb/Sydney. It is quite a low socio-economic area, so there are no designer stores and they don't have a Myer, DJs or Country Road (which was a little disappointing)... however, I am not complaining as I had a great day anyway.

The boxing day sales were definitely better than last year in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised that most of the chain stores had decent sale sections, and some bargains. My massive haul of the day was at Target of all places. The best thing about Rockingham is that there are always heaps of sizes 8 and 10 left, and they don't sell out of corporate/office clothing like the cities do. Shopping in a satellite city has its advantages :)

This maxi dress (my favourite purchase) was reduced from $80 to $20 at Katies:


We actually started by visiting Kmart. I would have skipped it, but Dad was my steerer and he wanted socks. I'm glad we went in, because I managed to find two basic work blouses, for $5 and $10 respectively (score!):

I couldn't resist getting the $35 mega box at Hairhouse Warehouse. It contains an RPR My Hydrating shampoo, conditioner, thermal protector spray, My Quick Fix dry shampoo, My Argan Oil Elixir treatment, a basic cheap hairbrush, a mini travel hairdryer and a Models Inc lipstick. The only thing I really need in the pack is the dry shampoo which I was going to buy anyway, but it was such a bargain I got the boxed set:

Then at Target, I picked up:

Linen fully lined pants and 3/4 sleeve jacket set - $10 for the pants, $18 for the jacket

Hot options trousers with belt, approx $30

Tea dress $25 (50% off) - I tried this on at full price and decided that I would resist, so I was chuffed to get it on sale!

Straight leg black jeans, $10

 Black cardis, $22.50 each.

Finally, at Valleygirl I picked up this cute beaded black mini dress for $20:

My grandma's comments when looking at my purchases was, 'Do you wear any colours other than black and white?'. It was an honest, serious question. It made me realise that I did buy a lot of boring classic stuff (apart from the maxi dress). What did you buy at the sales?


  1. Well the main place you get to wear your clothes is work so your choices are understandable! I only hit the sales yesterday (Galleria) because I was working the two previous days. Two pretty bags, jewellery and cute stuff and I was very happy. All my items were on sale!


  2. You got some great stuff! Love the maxi dress, valley girl dress and those black cardis!
    Every now and then I look in my wardrobe and cant believe how monochrome it is, but Vintage Sweetheart is right, its because we are shackled to work clothes!

  3. I love the maxi dress! I spent way too much online at the birdsnest sale, and then most of it doesn't fit anyway so I'll have to return it. Bummed!
    At least all of your stuff will match up easily!


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