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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The (NOT SO) Wonderful World of Operations

I loved the board game. Nothing like getting an "electric shock" when you fail. But really, I have good childhood memories involving eating ice cream smothered in Ice Magic and playing Operation. Go figure.

I am currently bored, sore and grumpy. I am about a week out from my long awaited *second* hip operation. They tell you that it's good for kids to play sport, stay active etc etc. But putting your body through the paces as a child and teenager certainly catches up with you. The hip thing happened during my soccer days.

I had operation number #1 about 3 years ago in Perth. Operation number #2 happened in Melbourne. It took me one failed operation, done by a surgeon who I never trusted or believed he know what he was doing, to realise that it's totally worth the extra cost and inconvinience travelling interstate to see a specialist who actually knows their stuff. The whole experience has taught me:

1/ Don't trust doctors unconditionally just because they spent however many years at med school and then training. Not all doctors are equal.

2/ Go with your gut feeling. If you don't think your doctor knows what they're talking about, it's worth getting a second opinion. And finding a new doctor.

3/ If your condition is complex, and medical science has only recently evolved in the area, find someone who is at the forefront of said medical science. 

4/ We generally perceive doctors to be ethical and we respect them. There are exceptions - some are uncaring, money hungry and completely unethical. 

Can you tell that I had a really bad experience with the first surgeon!? *Rant over*

Anyway, I am in Perth sweet Perth but there's not much sweet about a place when you are laid up in bed. I have been keeping busy by:

Eating way too many Ferrero Rochers... they are so damn good!

Watching season 1 (or now, season 2) of Weeds
Taking pain killers which make me sleep.

Bring on recovery, strength and the ability to exercise again. And cheers to surgeon #2 who may have fixed me, and at least convinced me he knows what he's talking about. In happier news, my stitches come out tomorrow - woohoo!


  1. Rest up! One of these days we must go op shopping together when your over here. I hope your feeling better soon yay for painkillers.

  2. Rest up and feel better soon. I absolutely believe that finding the right doctor is essential.

  3. After reading your boxing day sales post, I had to go back through my reader backlog to find out why you were in a wheelchair! You poor thing! I hope you're well on your way to recovery now? And good points about doctors too.
    And Weeds is the BEST isn't it?!

  4. I'm sort of on my way - did way too much walking today so am paying for it now (even with my crutches, I'm not supposed to walk much!). I am so addicted to Weeds- I have now watched seasons 1-4, and that's all I have... I can see myself buying 5-7 soon!

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