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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Op Shopping, Ebay, Asos, Valleygirl & Ezibuy = Uh Oh

I decided to venture to Belconnen, to check out the 3 op shops there. I was going to go to the one in Macquarie as well but I was (sh)opped out. It's probably because it wasn't a super successful day, although it was fun and I did pick up 2 things. Both were from the Salvos which had all green tagged items for $1. The first is a long sleeved grey turtle neck top by Sportscraft in perfect condition- for $1 it's a perfect top to wear around the house or even with jeans for a casual look. It amazes me sometimes what you can buy for a buck... when I bought a $5 coffee later in the day, I felt super indulgent and wasteful!

The other item is this super kitsch and funny little girls dress, also $1. I plan to use it as a doll dress up for Bub's dollies:

How hilarious is it!? Does any one know where this sort of thing comes from? I'm not sure if it's vintage and was fashionable at some stage, or whether it's from another country... it doesn't have any tags.

I had more success with brand new, full priced items. Lucky I decided not to do 'Buy Nothing New Month' this month, because I'd certifiably have failed...

I am quite a fan of Valleygirl, with their super cheap clothing. As long as you are choosy, I think you can get some nice items that can be dressed up to look like they're from a much more expensive store. I bought this super colourful skirt with a hot pink skinny belt (which I'll use with other items) - $30:
 And this grey dress which will be perfect for work, and is very slimming. It was reduced to $25:

I have been particularly bad lately with online shopping, so I have some online buys to report too... Firstly, my leather Asos ballet flats arrived (see older post) (style - Asos Lady Leather Bow Ballet Pumps)
I got them for $26 delivered when Asos had a 20% off code (and the Australian dollar was stronger...). They are quite casual looking so are more for weekends than work-wear but they are super comfortable, so I'm happy. They are true to size for anyone looking to buy them (I find Asos shoe sizing to be inconsistent). Like my spotty PJ pants!?

The other shoes I bought are from Ebay, these cute blue loafer styled flats - as per this post:

But wait, there is more! Currently at Ezibuy, if you use the voucher code SUMMERUE, you get $20 off a $60 spend and free shipping (usually around $10 flat rate). I am such a sucker for sales and discounts, I always check them out and always find things I want to buy. I think I did pretty well at Ezibuy- my order came to $60 exactly, so I got it for $40 delivered.

I bought:
Oasis QS duvet cover + 2 pillow cases (250 thread count, 100% cotton)

 Basic stretch cami in 'flax spot'

 Basic stretch cami with built in bra in 2 colours - black/white spot and brown/white stripe
 Stretch V-neck tee in "winter white" which the reviews say = cream

That's 4 basic tops and a QS duvet cover set for $40 delivered. See, I just could not resist!!!

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous ballet pumps!!

    Jem xXx

  2. Saw your post in Vogue forum and came over to have a look at your purchases.

    I was shopping in Belconnen yesterday too ! I didn't go to vallygirl I went to Tempt instead. Bought a nice mustard coloured vest.

    Where is the salvo store in Belconnen? Definitely want to check it out next time !

  3. You have been shopping up a storm! I'm jealous of those loafers, I don't own any yet.

    Ps. You asked how I store all my vintage gear. Well it's all over the house the spare room, my room, computer room and lounge room! I've got to get my act together.

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