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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bub and Cat Toilet Training - Like Mr Jingles from Meet the Fockers

The Litter Kwitter is a kit used to teach cats to use the human throne. We have just ordered and received said contraption, because I am sick of smelly kitty litter. I am even more sick of our kitten using the bathroom sink as her toilet (okay, so this happened once... but it was so gross!)

You start by using the red toilet casing, which you fill with kitty litter. Then you progress to the orange casing, which has space for kitty litter just around the edges. Then onto the green, and finally just the toilet seat.

I do find the following gross and weird, but it gets to a point where daily litter box cleaning gets old. It might become a regular sight in our house, if we succeed with training:

I will not be using the same toilet as the cat. I draw the line there. There will be the designated "cat toilet" in our house, and if she starts using other toilets, we will deal with that if and when it happens... I don't want to jump the gun, this whole training thing sounds a little too good to be true and still freaks me out! I'm sure she'll make a huge mess of the bathroom too once we start trying it - even though I shelled out $60 for the product, I'm now having my doubts about whether I'll have the confidence to try it...

Does your cat use the throne, or do you have one of these?
Kittyagogo designer litter box

In related news, we are currently doing night time toilet training with Bub.  She was definitely ready - having dry pullups in the morning and all those signs. We are mostly dry - the first few weeks we went from having 2-3 wet nights per week, to 1-2 wet nights and now it's even less. The frustrating thing is that when she wets the bed, she will do it 1-2 hours before wake up time. Although she can hang on until the morning pretty well, she hasn't yet woken up and gone to the toilet by herself (or called out for us) in the middle of the night or early morning. So it seems to be all or nothing at the moment... but we're getting there!

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