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Friday, August 05, 2011

Loafer love

Heels are out for the foreseeable future (thank you broken ankle which is taking ages to regain strength) - so I have been wearing flats to work every day. I have decided that I wear too many black flats. I probably have 8 pairs of flats, all of which are black. I'd love some loafers but black and navy blue are out (I'm broadening my horizons!).

These are my ultimate flats:
 Todd's 'Dee' patent leather loafers.

They don't look like typical loafers, but that's what they're called apparently.

Then I did an Ebay search, and I like all of these (all from the same seller, who is located in Taiwan):

What do you think? If I was to limit myself to two pairs, which ones should I get?


  1. I like the ribbon ones and the blue ones! I want some loafers to haven't found any good ones yet!

    E :)

  2. I like the second and fourth pictures :D If you do get them please report back about quality + comfort cos they're super pretty, and I live in flats...

    Ouch @ broken ankle!!

  3. Oh my gosh, they're prettttyy!! Do you think you could share what ebay-er you found these on?

    I LOVE the 1st and 3nd in particular!!

  4. 2nd and 4th for me too! even better if they're leather =D

  5. TY for your comment! Please do let us know when you purchase some & when they arrive - would love to know what the sizes are like :D. Hope Canberra weather is nice atm xo Deb


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