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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brunch review: Milk & Honey

Milk and Honey is a cosy cafe located in Civic. It was absolutely bustling on the day we went, as it was a long weekend Monday. The sun was shining but there were only seats available inside. I had:

 Gypsy breakfast - white beans, chorizo, tomato and spinach with a poached egg and toast - $16

The Scoring

Menu variety / creativity: 8/10. Plenty of creative and delicious sounding savoury options. The only sweet option was 'american hotcakes', which was dissapointing.

Taste: 7.5/10. The bean mix was very tasty and had a good amount of chorizo in it, which added a bit of spice. I would have liked the chorizo to be more finely chopped, to give the mix a nicer texture. What brings this meal down in score is the poached egg, which might as well have been hard boiled - no yolk to be seen!

Poached egg FAIL!

Coffee: 6/10. Just okay.

Setting / location: 6.5/10. Inside it's a bit dark, crowded and musty, and there is not much outside seating ( even then it's all in the shade, and looked squashy).

Service: 7/10. We were at a far away table but were not forgotten - staff were attentive and came promptly to take our drink orders, then meal orders and then to inquire whether we wanted any more drinks.  Not particularly friendly or smiley service, which always gets extra points. No mistakes with our orders, and they came out together after a 30 minute wait.

Final score: 35/50 = 70%

Verdict: This place has potential, and I'd like to return and try my luck on a different menu option. Maybe just not on a sunny day, where better venues abound ;-)

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