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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Super Sickness Record

Just when we thought we were in spring, and the sun had cheekily showed itself from behind the clouds and warmed our faces… the weather round here has been freezing, rainy and windy.  It’s the typical Canberra ‘it’s not really Spring, we were just toying with you’ mid-September temperature dip.  I’m not complaining, just observing. At least the maximums are higher than they have been in winter. 
 I actually don’t mind the cold weather that much. Who am I to complain, all rugged up with my furry dressing gown (which Bub calls my kangaroo pouch, because she comes underneath then pops out like a little joey), my long bed socks and the heater blasting out warmth. Everyone told me that the Canberra winter was going to kill me after spending so long in toasty warm Perth, but I have proved them wrong. With a smug grin I shrug my shoulders and say, “I never complained, I just didn’t find it that bad… I’m not sure what everyone complains about!”. In other words: I have superior cold tolerance, and therefore am a superior being. 

Far from being weak, I currently hold the super sickness record. I have not been sick (not so much as a sniffle, and migraines don’t count because they are not caused by germs) since early December 2010. That is 10 months of total wellness. In that time, Bub has been sick 3 times (which in itself is pretty good for a 3 year old who goes to daycare) and I didn’t catch anything. I have an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that this means that when I do get sick, I will be really sick and bed-bound for a week… but let’s not dwell on the folklore or the science (whichever it is). 

How did I do it? I am not a mad vegetable juicer and I don’t take multivitamin tablets. Although, when I take the contraceptive pill and Bub asks me what it is, I tell her it’s my ‘vitamins’ (you never know what kids are going to repeat, in an embarrassing situation). I do eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and try to eat healthy, and I make time for more sleep than most. I lean backwards when I have to go near sick people (every so subtlety) and carry a mini hand sanitizer around in my bag (although I hardly ever use it). I think it must be the leaning thing that saves me.

I have a fabulous Aldi bargain to share with you. I saw this and thought, this is the best bargain I have seen ALL YEAR. You should all go and see if you can get yourselves one:
 Tomorrow (once you've all run out and snagged above bargain), I'll introduce you to our gorgeous new kitty cat. She is so naughty, but so adorable.

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