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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I found it: the perfect clay masque

I have two things to share today. The first is a product recommendation, the second is just funny.
On the recommendation front, you may recall from this post that I am yet to find ideal beauty products in some categories. The ‘to discover’ list is now shorter, as I have discovered a fantastic clay mask.

Aesop primrose cleansing facial masque
This does an excellent job at clearing up my blackhead prone chin area, and it is gentle enough for me to use twice a week. Lucky me having a friend who works at Aesop; with the staff discount she is going to buy me a big tub at 50% off :-) I have tried a few clay masques in the past and this is the first one I noticed an immediate difference with (plus I love the smell, but I wouldn't choose a clay masque for that reason alone). It really draws the gunk and goo out of my pores, leaving my skin soft and the pores less visible. The web shows mixed reviews, so obviously it works for some and not others... I am yet to try this all over my face (I have tested on the chin area) but even just for my chin (which is my number one problem spot), this is a winner.
The second thing is... Have you gotten yourself a replica Kate Middleton engagement ring yet? I saw this for sale on Living Social and I found it quite funny. Upon googling I discovered that Debenhams in the UK released a 6 pound version, which flew off the shelves and ranks as Debenham’s number one selling piece of jewellery, ever. Pretty much every chain store, supermarket etc in the UK released a replica ring. This is hardly surprising, given that the ring has its own fan site ( katemiddletonring.com ). I kid you not. I can’t believe I am so far behind the bandwagon, only learning about replica rings months after the wedding. My poor hands have been lacking such an attachment which would identify me as a tacky-jewellery-wearing prince hunter. 
No more time to post as I have been super busy at work, so you'll have to wait until next time to hear my gaudy product recommendations. In the meantime, buy yourselves a KM replica ring (and then throw a KM ring fan party, where all guests have to be adorned with several KM replica rings).

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