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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Final Perth Op Shopping Haul

Study, work, everything has been driving me insane these past two weeks. I feel very run down and exhausted. Thank goodness for the lovely weather this weekend, and for no plans (except for study). I plan to get as much sleep as possible, and enjoy the sunshine. Now, as promised, I am finally posting the last of my Perth op shopping finds.
On my final day in Perth, I decided  to check out 2 more op shops. At the first op shop I picked up this stunning set of 8 tea cups and 10 saucers for $25. They’re in perfect condition, and the brand is Essenbach (Bavaria). I didn’t realise at the time but it’s probably a pretty valuable collectors set (I buy things because I like them, not because I think they’re worth a lot). They are feather light, so obviously have a high percentage of porcelain in them. I have googled and googled but I can’t find any pictures of this pattern or indication of when it was made:

I have long wanted to start collecting vintage plates that have beautiful patterns. These will not be valuable or special plates (those ones will still be acquired if I see them, they might be for special occasions or wall decorations), but everyday use plates which may get chipped/broken and which I should be happy to part with if that should happen. When I move back to Perth, I want to have a kitchen stocked with mismatched, beautiful and unique vintage items. Being in Perth (and being able to leave my purchases at my parents’ house for safekeeping), I was able to buy a few nice ones:

And then there’s Australian pottery. I like it because it often features wildflowers and because someone has put a lot of effort into these handmade gems. I have a few pieces already, and I picked up a set of 3 more (again, perfect condition) for $4:

There’s also a little ‘herb’ pot in that photo which at 50c I couldn’t resist- it will look cute on the kitchen windowsill, surrounded by other vintage gems.
There was some Pyrex at the op shop I was at, but I passed on it. I’m not much of a fan of Pyrex, even though it seems to be very popular with vintage bloggers. Maybe my tastes will change as a result of this exposure in other blogs, but for now I’m going to stick with only accumulating items that really appeal to me.


  1. Those plates are gorgeous! Lucky you can leave them in Perth they would not survive a plane ride.

    E :)

  2. The plates are beautiful. I buy things that I like too. It's just a bonus if they turn out to be relatively valuable, but none of my treasures are for sale!


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