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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Op Shop Saturday

This morning I woke up bright and early to go to the YMCA garage sale in Yarralumla. Unfortunately, apart from lots of squishing past people, my morning was uneventful. Last time I went to this sale I found some lovely retro wares, but this time nothing took my fancy. I did find a clay bangle which only cost 50c.

I then had a physiotherapy appointment and afterwards I decided to pop into the YMCA shop in Kingston. This place is hit and miss- it can be overpriced and often I find nothing. Today however I had great success!!!

This photo shows the clay bracelet I bought, and also:
  • Sportsgirl hat with shell and button cord, $2
  • Cosy warm double lined scarf, $2
  • Floral scarf, $1

My favourite purchase is this lovely coat, a bargain for only $5. I have too many black coats but I just couldn't resist, I love this one!

I have no idea why the picture is showing up as sideways- it is the right way up on my computer!!! Technology is trying to mess with my head (as usual), so I'll have to leave it sideways (in order to remain sane!).

This is probably my most successful op shopping day in Canberra so far, I am usually so unimpressed with the op shops here. Whoever priced the above items has made me very happy :-)

The weather is horrible today - grey and rainy... it had to happen as we just had the most lovely sunny week. At least I made the most of the good weather by going for a walk every lunchtime.  I am looking forward to staying in tonight and watching TV in my warm cabin, with my warm fluffy throw and dressing gown, whilst sipping a mug of hot milo!

I listed a few items on ebay - I figure I might as well sell my heels from this season (since I haven't really worn them, and won't be able to thanks to breaking my ankle) and while I was at it I decided on a few more items I can bare to part with. You can have a look at my listings here if you'd like.


  1. great finds! That jacket was a bargain!

    E :)

  2. Great finds. the floral scarf is beautiful. x

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