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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Present for Me (And a Deal for You)

I have been doing more ebay shopping, and the latest is *another* pair of leather loafers. Unfortunately the purple pair I bought before are a bit big, but these fit perfectly:

My Dorothy Perkins order also arrived, and I'm thrilled with it! I only wish I had bought more... I can't really justify another order just yet, unless they further reduce sale items maybe ;-)

The start to this week has been uneventful. I am flat out trying to get tasks finished at work before my trip to Perth this weekend. I don't want to come back to icky work, I'd prefer to have it all done and dusted. In addition, tomorrow is my birthday and since I don't want to work particularly hard on my birthday, I have had incentive to be diligent. Tomorrow, the *birthday* post is likely to be all about food- one of my favourite things is eating (junk food) and tomorrow I shall be indulging to my heart's content.

We had a lovely weekend, which has energised me. Bub had a playdate and they were so cute together - here they are picking weeds and grass to create a pile of, well, weeds and grass, which they called a "house":

Add to this cuteness a delicious brunch enjoyed in the sun at Dee's Cafe in Yarralumla, and we have all the elements to create a warm fuzzy feeling:

You got it, they know how to poach their eggs, all gooey and delicious. Nothing annoys me more than hard boiled "poached" eggs.

Because I have absolutely no trouble self indulging, I bought my self an early birthday present today. It's the gift that keeps on giving (and no, I'm not talking about the flu). It's a super cheap subscription to Vogue magazine - $39 for 12 months. That's $3.25 per magazine, which sure beats the shelf price of $8.50 an issue. If you ever pay that again, you could have gotten 2.4615 magazines for the price of that one with this deal!

Nothing like a treating yourself but being thrifty at the same time... Get Yours Here if you desire :-)

I have been spending *a lot* of money on group buy sites lately, reviews and information to come in a separate post!

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