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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Online shopping

I'm not sure online shopping is a good thing for me. I love it way too much. It's bad for my health because I sit at my computer during lunchtime and shop instead of going for a walk and getting fresh air.  It's not great for my finances. That's not going to stop me online shopping though, no way. It gives me too much joy. I shop online because I can!

Recent purchases include:
Pearl and dove necklace, $3.50 delivered from Ebay:
 T2 mini mesh tea strainer. Using the free shipping coupon 'Chaddy', this only cost $5.50 delivered:

2 x 100% merino wool tunics from Glassons online, $40 NZD for both delivered (came to $32.60 AUD including credit card currency exchange fee):

Basque blouse, $5 incl postage from Ebay. Not a massive fan of this but it's a cheap work top for when I can't be bothered ironing:

Cute remote control holder pouch for my sofa, so I don’t keep loosing the remotes, $4 delivered from Ebay. In blue of course:

And finally, a new GPS system, after I left mine in the dashboard of my car which was parked in Perth’s hot summer sun for 5 months when I went overseas and it consequently died. This is exactly the same model that I had before, cheap and cheerful and does the job a lot better than a cheap one bought here, $55 incl postage from Ebay (sent from Hong kong/China).

In other fashion news, I have 2 items to add to my wishlist. The first is a pair of shoes that my cousin was wearing in a photo she posted on facebook. These shoes are amazing- the brand is J Renee and she bought them in San Francisco. Does anyone know anything about this brand? How comfy do they look:

And I've decided I really like this Olga Berg bag, it's so cute... pity Olga Berg doesn't do leather, I'm not a fan of faux. It's $70 at the moment, I might consider it if it's further discounted down the track:


  1. Those shoes are cute! I like shopping online more so when it's free shipping!

    E :)

  2. Some good bargains there- you have inspired me to do some more shopping :)

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