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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Op Shops in Rockingham and my purchases

Happy new year to you all. I hope that 2012 brings joy, good health, new experiences and whatever else you are hoping for.

On our recent long weekend in Rockingham, I checked out a few op shops that were surprisingly open between Christmas and the new year. Rockingham is op shopping heaven because there are an unbelievable amount of op shops in close proximaty to each other. The prices aren't amazing, but they are better than Perth on average. It's a great idea for a day trip! {Here I am helping out the Rockingham economy, I should get commission - LOL}. I have listed the stores and some photos so that you can have the benefit of my research, and use this as a guide to taking on Rockingham!

We drove up to the Rockingham Beach Salvos stores the night before to see if it would be open the next day. I was disgusted to see a lady had opened the donation bin, and was sorting through bags behind the bin. She was stealing what she wanted for herself, and throwing the rest on the floor. I don't know if there is any excuse for stealing from charity, no matter how desperate you are.

I also noticed a sign at Rockingham Beach Salvos advertising $2 clothing Mondays - all clothing $2 a piece on Mondays! No wonder the store had very slim fashion pickings compared to Good Sammy etc.

Here is a Guide to Rockingham Op Shops:

Salvation Army Family Store - Rockingham Beach
6 Patterson Rd, Rockingham

Uniting Church Op Shop, Rockingham Beach
169 Parkin Street, Rockingham


Good Sammy
8 Livingstone Rd, Rockingham

Vinnies Rockingham Centre
15 Livingstone Rd, Rockingham

Vinnies Furniture Depot
17 Hurrell Way, Rockingham

Salvos - Waikiki
78 Charthouse Road, Waikiki

 Salvos - Port Kennedy 
23 Saltaire Rd, Port Kennedy

The Salvation Army Rockingham Corps [Run an op shop every 2nd Saturday morning]

Cnr Read Street & Willmot Drive, Cooloongup

And now, on to my purchases!

I really only wanted a couple of these Pyrex plates and the milk jug, sugar bowl and cups, but as usual, they were only sold in a set. The whole set was marked down to $6.50, so it was still very worthwhile. Also pictured are 2 Johnsons pottery mugs which were 50c each:

The  retro pillow case pictured above was a steal at 20c. 

These black heels are both genuine leather and new or as new. They are the perfect height for work, and cost $5 and $6 each. They are Diana Ferrari and Portland brands:

The clutch bag is also leather and I just thought it was so cute.... it was $6.50:

If anyone knows anything about this bag, I'd love you to comment - it doesn't have a brand and I'd like to learn where it was from :-)

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  1. Wow what fabulous finds! I am totally loving those Johnson cups! So sweet!
    Happy New Year
    Sophie x

  2. Oh I have the large Pyrex platter but haven't seen the other pieces before, especially liking the milk jug. Great finds.
    Happy New Year to you too. x

  3. Thats a lot of op shops, shame Rockingham is too far for me! Most Salvo's have $2 Mondays but it's usually just one rack of boring clothes. That pyrex set is gorgeous.

  4. I've always had fun and found lots of good stuff at the Rockingham oppys. Particularly the Vinnies depot. And I love the Uniting Church oppy too, usually very good for vintage sheets...x

  5. You missed a great op shop next to the St Nicholas Anglican Church opposite the Rockingham City Shoppping Centre.

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