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Friday, January 20, 2012

Online shopping from the UK

I love how so many UK websites are now shipping to Australia. Dorothy Perkins ships for a flat shipping rate of £10.50. I also just discovered that Monsoon, one of my fav UK high street retailers, ships to Australia for a flat rate of £7.95. Their website is quite clunky to navigate though - you can't sort by price or newest added items, and not all sale items show up in the sale section.

Anyway, this order from Dorothy Perkins cost a grand total of £53 including shipping, thanks to the current 25% off for students:
Order includes 2 dresses, a top, pajama shorts, a high waisted skirt and some genuine leather boots.

This would be my ideal order from Monsoon, although I didn't go through with it - too exxy:

This order would certainly have been preferable to the DP one, but is way too exxy - more than 3x the price! It includes a funky Missoni-esque cardigan, some leather gloves which remind me of Alannah Hill designs (and are a bargain on sale!), some blingy Christmas boubles, a genuine leather honey coloured tote and some cute corporate heels.


  1. I adore that cardi - the colours are beautiful!

  2. I second that. The cardi is so beautiful. If you're interested Ive tagged you to do a post http://clickyourheelswithme.blogspot.com/2012/01/tag-youre-it.html

  3. Lovely list, I really like the Monsoon cardigan and shoes and the DP dress on the left and the top. :-)

  4. awesome...that dress look really nice...that's been only offered by ur Online Shopping Boutique.
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