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Monday, January 16, 2012

Ear Bling: Gaudy Summer Jewels and Your Face Shape

For maximum effect, hide your hair so that the earrings are in full view. On a bad hair day, tie back your hair and wear some statement danglers, and no one will notice the hair. Big earrings distract from the size of your ears, and also make noses look smaller.

Ear Bling - Summer Jewels

If you don't have the confidence to rock big earrings, maybe being conscious of enhancing your face shape will help.

Oval shaped:  This shape is very versatile, so works with pretty much anything - lucky you! Your best shapes are narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. Triangular shapes are especially flattering. The goal is to add width to your jawline, to really make it pop. Avoid very long earrings - you don't need to make your face look any longer.

Heart shaped: Try triangular (wider at the bottom) or tear drop earrings to balance out the sharpness of the chin. Even circular and oval earrings will work with your face shape, so long as they don’t taper as they descend.

Round: Like any other shape, I believe you can wear anything. However, if you are conscious and want a slimming effect, try thin and long earrings to lengthen the face. Drops and ovals have the same effect. Avoid hoop earrings and other round styles.

Diamond: Short, wide earrings work really well. Gently curved danglers do too. Avoid long and thin earrings.

Rectangle/Square: Choose soft curves rather than angles. Round buttons, teardrops and ovals work well, to soften the face. Drop earrings, long tear drops, or multi-tiered dangling earrings will give a square shape some length.

Triangular: Like the Rectangle/Square, you want to soften your face, so follow the above. Prefer earrings with curves at the bottom and avoid ones that come to a point.

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