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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Rockingham Beaches & Eating Out

It was soo hot in Perth during the days after Christmas. One day was 39.9*C, the hottest day of the year so far. I spent an hour at the beach (about all I can manage at the moment in my semi-crippled state, and I don't want a melanoma anyway) and the water was blissful. This is not even one of Rockingham's nicest beaches, but it was the closest and easiest for me to get to with my crutches.

Our time away was also all about eating. Who knew you could find such delicious treats at a shopping centre!? I have been craving a stuffed spud for months now, this one really hit the spot. Frozen yoghurt with berries on fresh fruit salad was a perfect afternoon snack too:

We also tried a new restaurant, The Italian Job on Rockingham foreshore. This place was hit and miss - the pizza was delicious, the steak with chips and salad was nice and good value... but the mediteranean style salad went down really badly (3 people in our party ordered this unfortunately, and all said it was very bland and tasteless) and I thought the Tagliatelle Firenze was likewise quite bland and average. I'd like to go back and order just pizzas - they were so yummy, and one is big enough to feed two people if you aren't big eaters!

 Average pasta, a little bland

 The pizza was however delicious - great dough and plenty of cheese and toppings! Yummo!

 This salad was unpopular with all three people on the table who ordered it. Pity, as it is an interesting combination with couscous, veggies and dough balls.

Today, I am back in Canberra and back at work. It is very depressing! Half of the office is still empty...and I have a lot of work to catch up on!


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